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System Number: 00323
Date: 30 August 1881
Author: Joseph Edgar Boehm[1]
Place: Dorking
Recipient: JW
Place: [London]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler B99
Document Type: ALS


August 30th 1881

My dear Mac

Ich bin[2] auf meinem "Landsitz" und "ärgere mich" - I hope I shall be able to go up the end or the beginning of next week - as I am anxious to see you & the work you speak of - which I know - will be a treat. I wish you would come down here and spend a day with us - as soon as this docked comet[3] has done with thunder & rain, and [p. 2] I enclose "die Fahrkarte"[4] which will show you how easy it is to get here - Come the first fine day - or Sunday if I do not come up this week which I fear will be so - as I am in the midst of building operations & mudd [sic] -

But let me know the train you come by that I can fetch you from the station. When we came down here I met Duveneck[5] - who was staying at the Gordons[6] a charming [p. 3] fresh "Naturjunker"[7] who was nearly being blinded by the echting Biedermann[8], but disulusioné [sic] by me on that score - Mrs Cousins[9] will cook us a good luncheon[.] I recognised her apprenticeship by a salad she sent up the first day - & exclaimed without knowing her precedents this is a simphony in tomato's [sic] which I have not tasted out of the White House - anywhere yet! - & my boy who peeped [p. 4] into her room saw a fine mounted Photo. of you over the mantlepiece [sic], (more than I have.) Ecco il maestro partout[10]!

Mrs B.[11] sends her kind regards & hopes to see you soon - Let me know in case this infernal weather prevents your coming down what day & hour next week I can find you in & I shall come

always yours

J E Boehm

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1.  Joseph Edgar Boehm
Joseph Edgar Boehm (1834-1890), sculptor [more].

2.  Ich bin ... mich
Ger., I am at my "country estate" and am "growing bored".

3.  comet
The 'Great Comet' (also known as Comet Tebbutt) was visible in the northern hemisphere in the second half of June 1881.

4.  die Fahrkarte
Ger., the ticket.

5.  Duveneck
Frank Duveneck (1848-1919), painter, etcher and art teacher [more].

6.  Gordons
Perhaps Lady Gordon, a social acquaintance and potential patron of JW [more].

7.  Naturjunker
Ger., natural gentleman.

8.  echting Biedermann
Ger./Eng.: genuine worthy - presumably an ironic reference to the affluent bourgeois respectability of the Gordon household.

9.  Mrs Cousins
Caroline Cossins (b. ca 1839), JW's cook [more] at his studio house, the White House.

10.  Ecco il maestro partout
Ital./Fr., Behold the master everywhere!

11.  Mrs B.
Fanny Louisa Boehm (1837-1890), née Boteler, wife of the sculptor [more].