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System Number: 00175
Date: 26 August 1887
Author: Craibe Angus and Son[1]
Place: Glasgow
Recipient: JW
Place: London
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler A174
Document Type: ALS

J. A. McNeill Whistler. Esq. The Vale. Chelsea S. W.

[Glasgow emblem, and motto:] LET GLASGOW FLOURISH


26th Augt. 1887.

£54. 12/ cheque

Dear Sir,

Enclosed please find cheque for £54. 12/- in payment of the following etchings selected from those you kindly sent on the 8th inst[2]:-

     Hungerford[3]             £ 10. 10 -
     Limehouse                 8.  8 -
     Houses of Parliament      6.  6 -
     Chelsea Church            8.  8 -
     Limeburner               10. 10 -
     Thames Warehouses         8.  8 -
     Wapping -                15. 15 - 
                              68.  5 - 
     Less 20%                 13. 13       
                                       £54. 12/-

We should be obliged by your allowing the remainder to remain here till we have had further opportunity of showing them to our amateurs -

If you could send us an impression of "The Guitar Player"[4] without the curves we should probably sell it -

Naval Review[5]

We hope to place 2 or 3 sets of these plates and should be obliged by your forwarding a set [p. 2] a set [sic] to-morrow by passenger train, as we understand set or sets are already in Glasgow -

Yours faithfully

Craibe Angus & Son -

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1.  Craibe Angus and Son
Glasgow art and print dealers, run by William Craibe Angus (1830-1899), Glasgow art dealer [more].

2.  8th inst
See letter from C. J. W. Hanson to Angus (#00169) and record of sales (#13045).

3.  Hungerford
Old Hungerford Bridge (K.76), Limehouse (K.40), Old Westminster Bridge (K.39), Chelsea Bridge and Church (K.95), The Lime-burner (K.46), Thames Warehouses (K.38), Rotherhithe (K.66).

4.  The Guitar Player
The Guitar Player (K.140).

5.  Naval Review
'Naval Review set', 1887 (K. 316-331).