The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler
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System Number: 00019
Date: 20 July 1899
Author: William Webb[1]
Place: [London]
Recipient: JW
Place: [London]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler A19
Document Type: MsD

Dated 20 July 1899
Miss Inez Bate
Apprenticeship Indenture to J. McN. Whistler Esq
'Stamped Duplicate on parchment sent to Miss Bate with letter 20/7/99[2]' [p. 2]

[embossed stamp with crown:] TWO SHILLINGS AND SIXPENCE 2/6/20 7 99

This Indenture made the Twentieth day of July One thousand eight hundred and ninety nine
witnesseth that Inez Bate of Kings Heath in the County of Warwick doth put herself Apprentice to James McNeill Whistler of 8 Fitzroy Street Fitzroy Square in the County of London hereinafter called the Master to learn the Art and Craft of a Painter and with him after the manner of an Apprentice to serve from the fifteenth day of September next until the full end and term of three five ten years from thence and following fully to be complete and ended During which term the said Apprentice her Master faithfully shall serve his secrets keep and his lawful commands obey she shall do no damage to her said Master or his Goods nor suffer it to be done by others but shall forthwith give notice to her said Master of the same when necessary. She shall not waste the Goods of her said Master nor lend them unlawfully to any nor shall she do any act whereby her said Master may sustain any loss with his own Goods or others during the said term. Without license of her said Master she shall not sell to other painters nor exhibit during her Apprenticeship nor shall she absent herself from her said Master's service unlawfully but in all things as a faithful Apprentice shall behave herself towards her said Master and others during the said term

And the said Master his said Apprentice in the Art and Craft of a Painter which he useth, by the best means in his power shall teach and instruct or cause to be taught and instructed

Provided that if the apprentice shall commit any breach of the covenants on her part hereinbefore containued [sic] [p. 3] the Master may immediately discharge her, These presents shall be handed over to the said Inez Bate on the completion of the said term with a Certificate of such service endorsed thereon

And for the true performance of all and every of the said covenants and agreements the said Parties bind themselves by these Presents

In Witness whereof the said parties have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year first above written

Signed Sealed and Delivered in the presence of

Inez Bate

J. McNeill Whistler

William Webb

39 New Broad Street


the term having been first inserted at five years -

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1.  William Webb
William Webb (b. ca 1851), of G. and W. Webb, lawyer [more], JW's solicitor. Inez Eleanor Addams (fl. 1898-1927), née Bate, painter [more] was one of the first students at the Académie Carmen, the Paris atelier opened by Carmen Rossi, model, proprietess of the Académie Carmen [more] where JW taught irregularly from 1898-1901. She also acted as studio massière. Inez Bate married Clifford Isaac Addams (1876-1942), etcher [more] on 27 June 1900 (see #00050). In c. May 1901, Clifford Addams became JW's second apprentice (JW to I. Addams, #00071).

2.  letter 20/7/99
'Stamped ... 20/7/99' is a pencil note written in another hand.