The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler

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Correspondence associated with: Kennington, Thomas Benjamin - 4 documents found

[11406] [17 November 1886]:  JW to The Committee of the 'National Art Exhibition' (Letter)
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[13402] 3 October 1887-1889:  Royal Society of British Artists to [none] (Minutes)
Victoria and Albert Museum, Archives of Art and Design, London, RBA AAD/1997/8 Council minute Book, vol. 11 (M.14)
[5324] 25 June 1888:  Horace Henry Cauty to JW (Letter)
Glasgow University Library, MS Whistler R220
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[631] [March/April 1889]:  George Clausen to William Christian Symons (List)
Glasgow University Library, MS Whistler C132
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