The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler

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Correspondence associated with: Doré, Paul Gustave L. C. - 5 documents found

[13132] [27 March 1872 - 18 March 1885]:  Alan Summerly Cole to [none] (Diary)
Library of Congress, PWC 281/557-587
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[3572] [7/14 November 1878]:  JW to Princess Louise Caroline Alberta (Letter)
Glasgow University Library, MS Whistler LB 8/3
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[9640] [16 February 1883]:  JW to Theodore Duret (Letter)
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Met 192 W57/W576
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[5606] [5 March 1883]:  JW to Thomas Waldo Story (Letter)
Glasgow University Library, MS Whistler S252
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[9869] 28 June 1897:  Edwin F. Beldin to JW (Letter)
New York Public Library, E. G. Kennedy II/107
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