The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler
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Wackrill, H. N.   [correspondence]
Waddell, James  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wade, J. N.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wadsworth, Charles   [correspondence]
Waermann, Professor   [correspondence]
Waggamann, Thomas  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wagner, Albert van  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wagner, Wilhelm Richard  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wagrelin, J. R.   [correspondence]
Wainright, Jonathan Mayhew  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wainwright, Mrs   [correspondence]
Waite, James Clarke  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wake, Baldwin Arden  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wakley, James Goodchild  [biography]  [correspondence]
Waldegrave, Granville A. W.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wales, Prince of  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wales, Princess of  [biography]  [correspondence]
Walford, Herbert Henry  [biography]  [correspondence]
Walker (fl. 1852)   [correspondence]
Walker, Andrew Barclay  [biography]  [correspondence]
Walker, Arthur George  [biography]  [correspondence]
Walker, Edwin   [correspondence]
Walker, Frederick  [biography]  [correspondence]
Walker, H. Mewburn   [correspondence]
Walker, Miss   [correspondence]
Walker, Robert  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wallace, Donald Mackenzie  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wallace, Mrs E. D.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Walker, Emery  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wallace, Joseph   [correspondence]
Waller, Charles Bullen  [biography]  [correspondence]
Waller, Emma  [biography]  [correspondence]
Waller, Maud Mary  [biography]  [correspondence]
Waller, Pickford Robert  [biography]  [correspondence]
Waller, Robert John  [biography]  [correspondence]
Waller, Thomas MacDonald  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wallop, John Fellowes  [biography]  [correspondence]
Walls, William  [biography]  [correspondence]
Walsingham, Lady  [biography]  [correspondence]
Walter, Flora  [biography]  [correspondence]
Walters, Ch.   [correspondence]
Walters, George Stanfield  [biography]  [correspondence]
Walters, H. P.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Walters, Henry  [biography]  [correspondence]
Walters, Mrs   [correspondence]
Walters, William Thompson  [biography]  [correspondence]
Walther, Adolf Wilhelm  [biography]  [correspondence]
Walton, Charles Henry  [biography]  [correspondence]
Walton, Constance  [biography]  [correspondence]
Walton, Edward Arthur  [biography]  [correspondence]
Walton, Frank  [biography]  [correspondence]
Walton, John  [biography]  [correspondence]
Walton, Mrs J.   [correspondence]
Walton, Mrs   [correspondence]
Wanamaker, John  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wann, Jane  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wann, Samuel  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wantage, Lord  [biography]  [correspondence]
Warburton   [correspondence]
Ward (fl. 1899)   [correspondence]
Ward, Edwin Arthur  [biography]  [correspondence]
Ward, Enoch  [biography]  [correspondence]
Ward, Leslie  [biography]  [correspondence]
Ward, Samuel  [biography]  [correspondence]
Ward, Thomas Humphrey  [biography]  [correspondence]
Warre, Frederick  [biography]  [correspondence]
Warren (fl. 1890/1892)  [biography]  [correspondence]
Warren, Arthur  [biography]  [correspondence]
Warren, Edward R.   [correspondence]
Warring, J. S.   [correspondence]
Warrington, Albert   [correspondence]
Washington, George  [biography]  [correspondence]
Washington, Mary Ann Barroll  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wason, Clarence   [correspondence]
Waterhouse, Alfred  [biography]  [correspondence]
Waterhouse, John William  [biography]  [correspondence]
Waterlow, Ernest Albert  [biography]  [correspondence]
Waterlow, Herbert  [biography]  [correspondence]
Watkins   [correspondence]
Watney, Blanche M. G.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Watson (fl. 1879)   [correspondence]
Watson, Alfred   [correspondence]
Watson, Charles John  [biography]  [correspondence]
Watson, George Spencer  [biography]  [correspondence]
Watson, John Dawson  [biography]  [correspondence]
Watson, Mrs   [correspondence]
Watson, Richard   [correspondence]
Watt, James  [biography]  [correspondence]
Watt, William  [biography]  [correspondence]
Watts (fl. 1878)   [correspondence]
Watts, George Frederick  [biography]  [correspondence]
Watts, Isaac  [biography]  [correspondence]
Watts, Mary Fraser   [correspondence]
Watts, Walter Theodore  [biography]  [correspondence]
Watts, William Arthur   [correspondence]
Waugh, Arthur  [biography]  [correspondence]
Way, John  [biography]  [correspondence]
Way, Louisa  [biography]  [correspondence]
Way, Thomas  [biography]  [correspondence]
Way, Thomas Robert  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wayne   [correspondence]
Webb (fl. 1890/1892)   [correspondence]
Webb, A.   [correspondence]
Webb, Alexander Stewart  [biography]  [correspondence]
Webb, George  [biography]  [correspondence]
Webb, Godfrey  [biography]  [correspondence]
Webb, Philip  [biography]  [correspondence]
Webb, Robert Francis Hollingberry   [correspondence]
Webb, William  [biography]  [correspondence]
Webster (fl. 1899)   [correspondence]
Webster, Alfred George  [biography]  [correspondence]
Webster, H.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wedmore, Frederick  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wedmore, Mrs  [biography]  [correspondence]
Weedon, Augustus Walford  [biography]  [correspondence]
Weir, Julian Alden  [biography]  [correspondence]
Weir, Robert Walter  [biography]  [correspondence]
Weitzel, Godfrey  [biography]  [correspondence]
Welch (fl. 1907)   [correspondence]
Welch, Catherine   [correspondence]
Welsh, Elizabeth  [biography]  [correspondence]
Welch, William K.   [correspondence]
Weldon, William Henry  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wellington, A. Wellesley, Duke of  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wellington, A. R. Wellesley, Duke of  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wellington, Elizabeth, Duchess of  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wellington, H. Wellesley, Duke of  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wells, James  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wellwood, John Allan Maconochie  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wendel, Theodore M.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wentworth, Lady  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wentworth, Lord  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wesley, Eliza Maria  [biography]  [correspondence]
West (fl. 1855)   [correspondence]
West (fl. 1878)   [correspondence]
West, Benjamin  [biography]  [correspondence]
West, Miss   [correspondence]
West, Mrs   [correspondence]
West, S.   [correspondence]
West, Samuel   [correspondence]
Westacott, Richard  [biography]  [correspondence]
Westbrook, Dr   [correspondence]
Western, Robert Reginald  [biography]  [correspondence]
Westlake, Alice  [biography]  [correspondence]
Westlake, Frederick  [biography]  [correspondence]
Westlake, Nathaniel Herbert John  [biography]  [correspondence]
Westmacott, Caroline  [biography]  [correspondence]
Westmacott, James Stewart  [biography]  [correspondence]
Westminster, Duke of  [biography]  [correspondence]
Weston, Daniel C.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Weston, Mary A.   [correspondence]
Weston, Ralph  [biography]  [correspondence]
Weston, Sullivan Hardy Weston  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wet, Christiaan Rudolph de  [biography]  [correspondence]
Weyer, Evelyn E. S. Van de   [correspondence]
Weyer, Louise M. A. Van de   [correspondence]
Wharncliffe, Countess of  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wharncliffe, Earl of  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wheatley, William R.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wheeler, James  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whibley, Charles  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whibley, Leonard  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whistler, Anna  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whistler, Anna Matilda  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whistler, Beatrix  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whistler, Charles Donald  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whistler, Daniel   [correspondence]
Whistler, Emily  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whistler, Francis   [correspondence]
Whistler, Gabriel [soldier]   [correspondence]
Whistler, Gabriel [solicitor]   [correspondence]
Whistler, George Washington  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whistler, George William  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whistler, George Worthen  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whistler, Helen  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whistler, Mrs Henry   [correspondence]
Whistler, Henry   [correspondence]
Whistler, Hetty   [correspondence]
Whistler, Hugh   [correspondence]
Whistler, Ida Bayard  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whistler, James McNeill  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whistler, Joseph Swift  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whistler, John  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whistler, John Bouttatz  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whistler, Mrs Joseph   [correspondence]
Whistler, Joseph Swift  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whistler, Julia de Kay  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whistler, Kirk Boott  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whistler, Lewis   [correspondence]
Whistler, Mary Ann  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whistler, Mary Roberdeau  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whistler, Miss   [correspondence]
Whistler, Randolphus  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whistler, Ralph   [correspondence]
Whistler, Robert Gore  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whistler, Rose Fuller  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whistler, Ross  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whistler, Thomas   [correspondence]
Whistler, Thomas Delano  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whistler, Thomas Lowe, Sr   [correspondence]
Whistler, Thomas Lowe, Jr  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whistler, William   [correspondence]
Whistler, William McNeill  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whitaker   [correspondence]
White, A.W.  [biography]  [correspondence]
White, Edward Fox  [biography]  [correspondence]
White, G.   [correspondence]
White, George  [biography]  [correspondence]
White, Henry  [biography]  [correspondence]
White, J. Trevor   [correspondence]
White, Joseph William Gleeson  [biography]  [correspondence]
White, Margaret Stuyvesant  [biography]  [correspondence]
White, Stanford  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whitehead, James  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whitehead, Jeffrey  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whitehorn, John Charles  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whitehouse, Frederick Cope  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whitehouse, Mrs Henry  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whitehouse, James Henry  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whitehouse, Julia Eliza  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whitehouse, Maria   [correspondence]
Whiteing, Richard  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whitman, Sidney  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whitman, Mrs Sidney   [correspondence]
Whitmore, Edmund Henry  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whittemore, Arthur Harris  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whittemore, John Howard  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whittet, Andrew  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whittingham, Hannah   [correspondence]
Whittinghame, William Rollinson  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whittridge, Frederick W.   [correspondence]
Whymper, Charles  [biography]  [correspondence]
Whyte   [correspondence]
Wieniawski, Henryk  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wigan, Albert  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wigan, Alfred Sidney  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wilcox, Cornelius Marcellus  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wilcox, Florence   [correspondence]
Wilde, Constance Mary  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wilde, Oscar  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wilde, William  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wilhelm II  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wilkins, William Henry  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wilkinson (fl. 1855)   [correspondence]
Wilkinson, Frank   [correspondence]
Wilkinson, Mrs   [correspondence]
Wilkinson, Mrs   [correspondence]
Wilkinson (fl. 1880)   [correspondence]
Will, John Shiress  [biography]  [correspondence]
Willette, Adolphe Léon  [biography]  [correspondence]
Willey, J. M.   [correspondence]
Willey, Marshall   [correspondence]
Williams (fl. 1830)   [correspondence]
Williams (fl. 1848)   [correspondence]
Williams (fl. 1849)   [correspondence]
Williams, Alexander  [biography]  [correspondence]
Williams, Bessie  [biography]  [correspondence]
Williams, C.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Williams, Mrs C.   [correspondence]
Williams, Emmelyne   [correspondence]
Williams, James   [correspondence]
Williams, Job   [correspondence]
Williams, Lewis  [biography]  [correspondence]
Williams, Lieut.   [correspondence]
Williams, Mary  [biography]  [correspondence]
Williams, Max  [biography]  [correspondence]
Williams, Montague  [biography]  [correspondence]
Williams, Percy   [correspondence]
Williams, R. W.   [correspondence]
Williams, Roland Vaughan  [biography]  [correspondence]
Williams, Seth  [biography]  [correspondence]
Williams, Thomas Cyprian  [biography]  [correspondence]
Williamson, Daniel Alexander  [biography]  [correspondence]
Williamson, George Charles  [biography]  [correspondence]
Williamson, Mrs   [correspondence]
Williamson, Mrs (née Clunie)   [correspondence]
Willing, James  [biography]  [correspondence]
Willis, Miss   [correspondence]
Willis, Mrs  [biography]  [correspondence]
Willis, Elizabeth  [biography]  [correspondence]
Willis (fl. 1896)   [correspondence]
Wills, William Gorman  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wilson, Beatrice V. M. Rivers  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wilson, Charles Rivers  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wilson, Elizabeth  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wilson, Henry  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wilson, Henry Francis  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wilson, Henry Schütz  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wilson, Peter Macgregor  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wilsted, Mrs   [correspondence]
Wimbush, Henry B.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wimbush, John L.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wimsett, James William   [correspondence]
Winans (fl. 1892)   [correspondence]
Winans (fl. 1907)   [correspondence]
Winans, Béatrice  [biography]  [correspondence]
Winans, Celeste  [biography]  [correspondence]
Winans, Celeste Marguerite  [biography]  [correspondence]
Winans, Mrs De Wit Clinton   [correspondence]
Winans, De Wit Clinton  [biography]  [correspondence]
Winans, Elizabeth  [biography]  [correspondence]
Winans, Evalina  [biography]  [correspondence]
Winans, Francis   [correspondence]
Winans, George   [correspondence]
Winans, Julia de Kay   [correspondence]
Winans, Louis William  [biography]  [correspondence]
Winans, Maria Ann  [biography]  [correspondence]
Winans, Neva  [biography]  [correspondence]
Winans, Olga  [biography]  [correspondence]
Winans, Ross, Sr  [biography]  [correspondence]
Winans, Ross, Jr  [biography]  [correspondence]
Winans, Ross Revillon  [biography]  [correspondence]
Winans, Thomas de Kay  [biography]  [correspondence]
Winans, Walter  [biography]  [correspondence]
Winans, Walter Scott  [biography]  [correspondence]
Winans, Walter S.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Winans, William  [biography]  [correspondence]
Winans, William George  [biography]  [correspondence]
Winans, William Louis  [biography]  [correspondence]
Winans, W. M.   [correspondence]
Winans, Mrs   [correspondence]
Winder, John Henry  [biography]  [correspondence]
Windsor-Clive, Robert George  [biography]  [correspondence]
Windsor-Clive, Lady  [biography]  [correspondence]
Windus, William Lindsay  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wingate, James Lawton  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wingfield, Lewis Strange  [biography]  [correspondence]
Winkle, Rip van   [correspondence]
Winslow, Florence Jessie  [biography]  [correspondence]
Winslow, Thomas Ewing  [biography]  [correspondence]
Winstanley, Eliza Isabella  [biography]  [correspondence]
Winstanley, John  [biography]  [correspondence]
Winstanley, W. A.   [correspondence]
Winstanley, Woodcock   [correspondence]
Winter, Frederick   [correspondence]
Winter, Gordon   [correspondence]
Winter, J. G.   [correspondence]
Wirgman, Theodore Blake  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wisselingh., Elbert Jan Van  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wisselingh, Isabel Van  [biography]  [correspondence]
Woakes, Edward G.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Woakes, Lillian  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wolferstan, Edward P.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wollen, William Barnes  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wolseley, Garnet Joseph  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wolseley, Louisa  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wood, Anna   [correspondence]
Wood, Butler  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wood, Charles   [correspondence]
Wood, Francis Derwent  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wood, Henry Trueman  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wood, Lydia   [correspondence]
Wood, William   [correspondence]
Woodroofe, H.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Woods, Alice  [biography]  [correspondence]
Woods, Henry  [biography]  [correspondence]
Woodville, Annie E.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Woodville, Richard Caton  [biography]  [correspondence]
Woodward, Benjamin D.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Woodward, Bernard B.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Woodworth, Maud   [correspondence]
Woolcot, H.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Woolley   [correspondence]
Woolman   [correspondence]
Woolmann, Isa   [correspondence]
Woolmer, A. J.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Woolridge, Harry Ellis  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wores, Theodore  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wornum, Ralph Nicholson  [biography]  [correspondence]
Worth, Charles Frederick  [biography]  [correspondence]
Worthington, Richard  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wortley, Archibald J. Stuart-  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wortley, Charles B. Stuart-  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wortley, Jane Stuart-  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wray, Henry Russell  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wren, Christopher   [correspondence]
Wrenn, John Henry  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wright, Alan  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wright, Bryce McMurdo  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wright, Harold  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wright, Isobel   [correspondence]
Wright, Richard  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wuerpel, Miss   [correspondence]
Wuerpel, Miss   [correspondence]
Wuerpel, Edmund Henry  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wuerpel, Mrs E. H.   [correspondence]
Wunderlich, Hermann  [biography]  [correspondence]
Württemberg, Charles von   [correspondence]
Wyatt, Mathew Digby  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wyatt, William Edward  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wyburd, Francis John  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wyke, Charles  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wylde, Robert G.   [correspondence]
Wylie, Robert  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wylie, W. Pollock  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wyllie, Charles William  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wyllie, William Lionel  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wyndham, Charles  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wyndham, Madeline C. F. E.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wyndham, Percy  [biography]  [correspondence]
Wyndham-Quin, Windham T.  [biography]  [correspondence]