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Documents associated with: Boehm, Joseph Edgar
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System Number: 11985
Date: [15 November 1878][1]
Author: JW
Place: London
Recipient: Joseph Edgar Boehm[2]
Place: [London]
Repository: Published
Document Type: PLfc[3]


[...] Tomorrow (this is quite between ourselves) the Ruskin people[4] are coming down to my place, to spy out matters and I want you to look in casually at about 1.30. They come at 2, and you might stay a while until they go. It will be fun and involve no consequences, but you must just stand by 'the show[5]' a bit.

The Genl. Lee[6] business is I fancy in capital trim, for I had the letter read and posted by Judah P. Benjamen[7], who is you know the distinguished Q. C. and who was the Secretary of State in the Southern Confederacy. [...]

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1.  [15 November 1878]
Dated from reference to Ruskin and the date of his counsel's inspection of JW's works (see note below).

2.  Joseph Edgar Boehm
Joseph Edgar Boehm (1834-1890), sculptor [more].

3.  PLfc
Published in Maggs & Co., sale catalogue, no. 608 (1935), item 517.

4.  Ruskin people
John Ruskin (1819-1900), critic, social reformer and artist [more]. This refers to preparations for JW's forthcoming libel case against Ruskin in which he hoped Boehm would appear as a witness on his behalf (see JW to J. E. Boehm, #00322). Ruskin's counsel requested a viewing of JW's works before the trial. It took place at his studio on 16 November 1878.

5.  the show
This is a reference to JW's public career as an artist rather than to a particular exhibition.

6.  Genl. Lee
General Robert Edward Lee (1807-1870), Superintendant of USMA, West Point, and later Commander-in-Chief of the Confederate States of America [more]. This probably relates to a proposal mentioned by Boehm (see J. E. Boehm to JW, #00320) to cast an equestrian statue of General Lee. Boehm asked JW for his assistance to obtain the commission.

7.  Judah P. Benjamen
Judah Philip Benjamin (1811-1884), senator, Confederate officer and lawyer [more]. Benjamin practised at the English Bar after the American Civil War, from 1866 to 1883.