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System Number: 08214
Date: [4 January 1892][1]
Author: JW
Place: [Paris]
Recipient: David Croal Thomson[2]
Place: [London]
Repository: Library of Congress
Call Number: Manuscript Division, Pennell-Whistler Collection, PWC 3
Document Type: AD

'4 B'[3]


List of Nocturnes etc -

[tick] Alexander A. Ionides[4] x 1A Holland Park -
Nocturne "Valparaiso" -

[tick] Hon. Mrs Percy Wyndham[5]. Belgrave Sqr
Nocturne: from Westminster Bridge

x R C H. [R L?] Harrison[6]. Esq 73. Cromwell Rd. S. W.
Nocturne. "Blue & Gold." old Battersea Bridge -

[tick] Gerald Potter[7] x 2 Ennismore Gardens Princes Gate.
Nocturne "Blue & Silver", Chelsea -

[tick] Alfred Chapman[8] x Esq. Chateaux Bien assise
Nocturnes: {"Grey & Gold". snow scene.
{"Blue & Gold" Southampton Water
{Blue & Silver Bognor

British [Channel?]
M M [James H Preston?]
Head of [communard?]
Fowler the steamship'


[p. 2][10] x Albert Moore[11]. X Nocturne "Blue & Silver" Trafalgar Square Chelsea (Snow)

x W. C. Alexander[12]. Esq. Aubrey House. Aubrey Rd. Kensington - Nocturne "Blue & Silver". Chelsea

x Mrs. Leyland[13]. 6 Hans Place X S. W. Nocturne Blue & Silver. Battersea Reach

x Monsieur Duret[14]. 4. Rue Vignon Paris. Nocturne Grey & Silver.

x Mr Rawlinson[15] X . Nocturne Blue & Silver

x Otto Goldschmidt[16]. Nocturne Grey & Gold. Battersea

x H. Theobald[17] Esq. X 3. Westbourne Square W. Nocturne Opal & Silver (small)

J. Jas J. G. Orchar[18]. X Wallace Foundry. Dundee. Nocturne Grey & Silver. Chelsea Embankment

In Paris, through Boussod Valadon & Co[19]. Nocturne Blue & Gold. St Marks Venice

There are others I must see after myself -

X = accepts[20]

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1.  [4 January 1892]
This is a list of paintings for Nocturnes, Marines and Chevalet Pieces, Boussod, Valadon & Cie, Goupil Gallery, London, 1892, and was probably that mentioned in JW's letter of 4 January 1892 to D.C. Thomson (#08211).

2.  David Croal Thomson
David Croal Thomson (1855-1930), art dealer [more].

3.  '4 B'
Added in another hand.

4.  Alexander A. Ionides
Alexander ('Aleco') Ionides (1840-1898), businessman [more], lent Nocturne in Blue and Gold: Valparaiso Bay (YMSM 76) to JW in 1892.

5.  Hon. Mrs Percy Wyndham
Madeline Caroline Frances Eden Wyndham (1835-1920), née Campbell, artist [more], lent Nocturne: Grey and Gold - Westminster Bridge (YMSM 145).

6.  R. C. H. Harrison
Robert Hichens Camden Harrison (1837?-1924), collector [more], lent Nocturne: Blue and Gold - Old Battersea Bridge (YMSM 140).

7.  Gerald Potter
John Gerald Potter (1829-1908), wallpaper manufacturer and patron [more], lent Nocturne: Blue and Silver - Cremorne Lights (YMSM 115).

8.  Alfred Chapman
Alfred Chapman (1839-1917), engineer and collector [more], lent Nocturne: Trafalgar Square - Snow (YMSM 173), Nocturne: Blue and Gold - Southampton Water (YMSM 117) and Nocturne: Blue and Silver - Bognor (YMSM 100).

9.  Battersea
Cyril Flower (1843-1907), barrister, Liberal MP, 1st Baron Battersea [more], lent Variations in Pink and Grey: Chelsea (YMSM 105). 'Battersea ... steamship' is written in pencil in another hand.

10.  [p. 2]
The various 'x's on this page have been added in another hand or hands.

11.  Albert Moore
Albert Joseph Moore (1841-1893), painter [more], lent Nocturne: Trafalgar Square - Snow (YMSM 173).

12.  W. C. Alexander
William Cleverly Alexander (1840-1916), banker and patron [more], lent Harmony in Grey and Green: Miss Cicely Alexander (YMSM 129).

13.  Mrs. Leyland
Frances Leyland (1836-1910), née Dawson [more], lent Nocturne in Blue and Silver (YMSM 113).

14.  Monsieur Duret
Théodore Duret (1838-1927), art critic and collector [more], owned Nocturne: Grey and Silver (YMSM 156).

15.  Mr Rawlinson
William George Rawlinson (1840-1928), silk merchant, collector [more], lent Nocturne: Blue and Silver - Battersea Reach (YMSM 119).

16.  Otto Goldschmidt
Otto Goldschmidt (1829-1907), pianist, conductor, composer and impresario [more], owned Nocturne (YMSM 153), but it was not shown in 1892.

17.  H. Theobald
Henry Studdy Theobald (1847-1934), barrister and collector [more], lent Nocturne: Silver and Opal - Chelsea (YMSM 309).

18.  J. G. Orchar
James Guthrie Orchar (1825-1888), engineer and collector [more], lent Nocturne: Grey and Silver - Chelsea Embankment, Winter (YMSM 205).

19.  Boussod Valadon & Co
Paris dealers, lent Nocturne: Blue and Gold - St Mark's, Venice (YMSM 213).

20.  X = accepts
Written in lower left corner in blue crayon, in another hand.