The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler
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System Number: 09762
Date: [10 April 1897][1]
Author: JW
Place: London
Recipient: Edward Guthrie Kennedy[2]
Place: New York
Repository: New York Public Library
Call Number: E. G. Kennedy II/98
Credit Line: Edward Guthrie Kennedy Papers / Manuscripts and Archives Division / The New York Public Library / Astor, Lenox and Tilden Foundations
Document Type: ALS[3]

Garlants Hotel -
Suffolk Street - -

Yes my dear O K! -

Here I am - in this cheerful place - as who should say waiting for you! -

Well you will see by enclosures[4] the latest account [p. 2] of the McNeill on his warpath in this island! -

and of course, in your hands, "no mortal shall set eyes upon it"! -

How are you O K ? - and when are you coming over? -

- I am miserable - and worked to death -

You and Thomson[5] both missed it - for Haden[6] sold the Piano and the ice picture[7] to Reid[8] of Glasgow! -

I shall know what he got for them - for they were finally bought by my friend Cowan[9] of Edinburgh!!! -

This business of the lithographs and Pennells[10] trial has been a stupendous triumph! which does not prevent my having perceived, while the issue was held to be an uncertainty, the miserable attitude, as usual, of the "Critic", and others of the New York [p. 3] press, towards myself! -

You never told me, my dear O K, of the Boston Museum buying the Master Smith[11] and the Little Rose[12]! - It is however the privilege of the friend, as you have seen, to be silent!! -

Remember me kindly to your brother[13] and write a line to say when to expect you -

Always affectionately and sadly Yours

J McNeil Whistler

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E. G. Kennedy - Esq
868. Broadway
"Wunderlich & Co"
New York
U. S. A.
[stamp:] POSTAGE & INLAND REVENUE / 2 1/2d
[postmark:] LONDON / [...] / APR 10 / [97]


[postmark:] NE[W YORK N.]Y. / APR 17 / 12 - M / 9 97


1.  [10 April 1897]
Dated from the postmark.

2.  Edward Guthrie Kennedy
Edward Guthrie Kennedy (1849-1932), dealer with H. Wunderlich and Co., New York [more].

3.  ALS
Written on deep bordered mourning paper.

4.  enclosures
Enclosed with this letter is a cutting from the Daily Mail headed 'LITHOGRAPHY AND LIBEL - Interview with Mr. Whistler'. JW annotated it in the right margin: 'The "Expert" was, of course, the wretched & ridiculous George Moore! - -' JW was referring to the recent libel action between Joseph Pennell (1860-1926), printer and illustrator, JW's biographer [more], and Walter Richard Sickert (1860-1942), artist and writer on art [more]. Sickert had alleged that Pennell's method in lithography of drawing on transfer paper instead of directly onto the lithographic stone could not be regarded as true lithography (Sickert, W. R., 'Transfer Lithography', Saturday Review, 26 December 1896). George Moore (1852-1933), novelist and art critic [more], appeared as a witness when the trial was held on 5-6 April 1897. JW supported Pennell, who won the case (see #08480, #13493, #01932).

5.  Thomson
David Croal Thomson (1855-1930), art dealer [more].

6.  Haden
Francis Seymour Haden (1818-1910), surgeon and etcher, JW's brother-in-law [more].

7.  Piano and the ice picture
At the Piano (YMSM 24), and The Thames in Ice (YMSM 36).

8.  Reid
Alexander Reid (1854-1936), Glasgow dealer [more].

9.  Cowan
John James Cowan (1846-1936), paper manufacturer and collector [more]. Reid sold At the Piano (YMSM 24) and The Thames in Ice (YMSM 36) to Cowan for £1200; see J. J. Cowan to JW, 23 March 1897, #00722.

10.  Pennells
Joseph Pennell (1860-1926), printer and illustrator, JW's biographer [more].

11.  Master Smith
The Master Smith of Lyme Regis (YMSM 450).

12.  Little Rose
The Little Rose of Lyme Regis (YMSM 449).

13.  brother
David A. Kennedy, New York dealer, brother of E. G. Kennedy [more].

14.  George Moore
George Moore (1852-1933), novelist and art critic [more].