The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler
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System Number: 09526
Date: 8 July 1882
Author: Samuel Wreford Paddon[1]
Place: Redhill
Recipient: JW
Place: [London]
Repository: Published
Document Type: PLSc[2]

Woodlands, Redhill,

8th July, 1882.

Dear Whistler,

Your letter[3] was awaiting me on my return from Paris. In reply to your enquiry, I had the correspondence printed[4] for the sake of reference, it being less difficult to read print than to wade through a mass of manuscript. I may, however, add that the only copies I have parted with I gave to Mr. Howell[5], and it is quite possible that Mr. Jack McNay[6] obtained one through him.

I take no interest whatever in the information you volunteer as to what you intend doing in this matter in the future; it is now in Mr. Howell's hands, and I am satisfied that he is fully able to protect himself.

As far as I am concerned, I can only refer you to the last paragraph in my letter to you of 27th March[7].

Faithfully yours,

S. Wreford Paddon.

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1.  Samuel Wreford Paddon
Samuel Wreford Paddon (b. 1843), diamond merchant and collector [more].

2.  PLc
Whistler, James McNeill, Correspondence. Paddon Papers. The Owl and the Cabinet, London, [1882], No. VIII, p.6; for full annotation of the pamphlet, see JW's letter to S. W. Paddon, 10 March 1882 (#09519). There are copies of the pamphlet in Glasgow University Library (Whistler 202-205A, B) and the Art Institute of Chicago (Walter Brewster Collection). The original letter has not been traced.

3.  letter
JW's letter to S. W. Paddon, #04368.

4.  correspondence printed
Not traced.

5.  Mr Howell
Charles Augustus ('Owl') Howell (1840? - d.1890), entrepreneur [more].

6.  Mr Jack McNay
John ('Jack') Edward MacNay (1834-1893), General Manager of the Stockton and Darlington Railway [more].

7.  my letter to you of 27th March
S. W. Paddon to JW, 27 March 1882 (#04367).