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System Number: 08887
Date: 18 August 1876
Author: James Anderson Rose[1]
Place: London
Recipient: Anthony Frederick Augustus Sandys[2]
Place: [London]
Repository: Library of Congress
Call Number: Manuscript Division, Pennell-Whistler Collection
Document Type: MsD

Re Sandys ?


J. Anderson Rose

[p. 2] 15 August 1876
Meeting of Creditors

[p. 3]

Sandys ment[ione]d some sum last night to Mr Rose.

Question how far back to go with the account

Had £1000 for a picture (not touched) is he to be entered as a Cr.

£400 had for a wager

[word illegible] any other moneys

£400 was to have the B[an]k[rupt]cy annulled

Probably offer £200 a year

Flower's[3] bill of Sale £2500

Amt of rent he pays

Amt he owes

Mr Rose's a/c - Costs never deb[ited?] - money lent - & money paid -

[p. 4]

Sandys meeting of Crs
15 Aug 1876. Judgement in Sept 1874 £108.10.6

Mr McManus £250 for board and lodging

And money lent Two of Mr Sandys children are with Mr MacManus two girls for 5 years

The debt is for board & lodging

Mr Ditton for [Mayer?] wine Merchants of Frankfort [sic] Judgment & debtor summons have long since expired

Mr Arthur Creditor for £450 £695:11:9

Mess Farmer & Rogers[4] £29:2:9 Parker & Co.

St Pauls Church Yard Judgment 27 April 1875

Mr Arthur. There ought to be a Committee of management and he ought to insure his life [p. 5] a small sum in discharge of their debt

It is impossible to say at this time what the creditors may determine to do at the meeting this afternoon at 5 o'clock but at all events it is absolutely necessary to apply to postpone the 1st examination & get more time to render the statement of affairs -

Mr Sandys is made a Bankrupt as a dealer in Pictures - He never dealt in pictures or in anything else & the B[an]k[rupt]cy has been obtained on unfounded representations to the Court on a 7 days Summons

Mr Sandys was away at the time of the proceedings staying with a Mr McMillan making a drawing of his wife & child - He knew nothing

[p. 6]

J C Chillock Solr Norwich  
    [illegible] money lent 90   0. 0
[Mayer?] - Wine Merchant  
Solr. A G Ditton  
Judgment debt [illegible] 60.
& Costs -  
W [Sloman?] Chancery Lane  
      Petitioning Creditor  
    Solr [Quekett?]. Costs of  
                        bkcy - 53. 17   6
Dr Whistler[5] 80a Brook St  
& Costs - 32   0   0
Farmer & Rogers Regent St  
                  carpets -   3. 22. 00
Mrs Bateman - money lent 25   0   0


      Solrs Sympson [Warner?]
                  & Turner

The Solrs [ie solicitors] of Sir John Suttons [illegible]
refuse absolutely to agree to anything
but it is believed they would take

[p. 7]

The Crs are Mr [Freder?]

Mr Frederick Arthur  
      Molcome & Belgravia  
                  Upholsterer 650.  0   0
Ex[ecut]ors of Sir John Sutton  
      Judgmt on [Bond?] - 839.  0   0
      Costs £ -     3.  8.   0
      accruing will make the  
      claim - 909.  4   3
The Solrs are Ward Mills Witham  
Lambert of Grays Inn  
W McManus  
    29 Philimore Place 250.  0   0
J Coates - Solr Norwich  
      money lent 100.  0   0


[p. 8]

Wednesday the 16th August 1876 is the day appointed for the 1st examination. Mr Sandys has been engaged daily endeavouring to arrange his affairs so as to settle with his Creditors & induce them to consent to the Bankruptcy being annulled - With this view Mr Rose wrote the following letter to all the Creditors

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1.  James Anderson Rose
James Anderson Rose (1819-1890), solicitor [more].

2.  Frederick Sandys
Anthony Frederick Augustus Sandys (1829-1904), portrait painter and designer [more].

3.  Flower's
The list of creditors includes Dr. Whistler (see below), but the remaining names on this list of Sandys' creditors have not been unidentified.

4.  Farmer & Rogers
Farmer and Roger's Great Cloak & Shawl Emporium, 119, Great Regent Street.

5.  Dr Whistler
William McNeill Whistler (1836-1900), physician, JW's brother [more].