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System Number: 00867
Date: [July 1885/1886][1]
Author: Dowdeswell and Dowdeswell[2]
Place: [London]
Recipient: JW
Place: [London]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler D73
Document Type: AD

1) 13[3] Le Petit Dej[e]uner  bought by Dr Lennox Browne[4] Oct 25. 1884
                                36 Weymouth Street W.

1) 27? Note in Pink & Purple bt by Mrs C. Sartoris[5] Decr 2. 1884
                                12 Chesham Place S. W.

29 Drawings               H. S. Theobald Esq[6]  July 1. 1885
                            10 Old Square, Lincoln's Inn W. C.
                                   3 Westbourne Square. W

1)  8 Little Grocery. Chelsea     }
1) 15 Black & Red                 }    E. J. Poole Esq[7]
1) 19 Harmony - Violet & Amber    }    2 Sussex Gardens W.
1) 21 Harmony Violet & Yellow     }

1) 22 Grey Mist at Sea         Wilson King Esq[8]  July 1884
                               123 Hayley Road, Birmingham

1) 24 Note in red & violet       Cyril Flower Esq  M. P[9]
                                    7. Hyde Park Place - W.

1) ?27 Note in Pink & Purple          }
1) 28 Moreby Hall                     }  E. J. Poole Esq
1) 35 Violet & Amber                  }
1) 49 or 58 Nocturne - black & gold   }

1) 48 Blue & opal - Herring Fleet  Miss Van de Weyer[10]
                                    10 De Vere Gardens. W.

1) 39 or 50 Blue & Silver        W Baptiste Scoones Esq[11]
                               14 Chelsea Embankment S. W.

1) 61 Red & Black              Earl of Dunraven[12]
                               Kerry House, Putney Vale
                                 Kingston on Thames

2) 1 ?1 or 54 The Sands, Dieppe }  Henry Irving Esq[13]
2) 23  Moored                   }   Grafton Street W.
2) 68  Parc Monceau             }

[p. 2]

2) 35  Early Dawn            F. W. Girdlestone Esq[14]
                                    Sunningdale, Berks

2) 40  Note in black & grey   }  Mrs Blomfield More[15]
2) 62  The bright Sea, Dieppe }   12 Great Stanhope St. W.

2) 54  The Sands, Dieppe        } E. W. Hooper Esq[16]
2) 58  The Great Sea            } c/o Messrs. H. L. Sherlock & Sons[17]
2) 63  Caprice in blue & silver } 9 Canning Place. Liverpool

2) 38  Note in Flesh Color & orange Mrs Skipp Lloyd[18]
                                        Regency Square
'Chs B. McLaren[19] - 3 New Square M P -
                          Lincolns Inn -

1) 38
Sweet Shop - Note in Orange } Mr Wickham Flower[20] - Old Swan House
1) 52 Sun Cloud -           }


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1.  [July 1885/1886]
Dated from final date on list.

2.  Dowdeswell & Dowdeswell
Firm of art dealers and printsellers. The pictures on this list were: Convalescent or Petit Déjeuner; note in opal (M.903); Note in pink and purple (M.935); The Little Grocery, Chelsea; grey and red (M.952); Black and red (M.936); Harmony in violet and amber (M.906); Harmony in violet and yellow (M.880); Grey Mist at Sea (M.938); Note in Red and Violet: Nets (YMSM 269); Moreby Hall (M.908); perhaps Violet and amber - Tea (M.897); Nocturne: Black and Gold - Rag Shop, Chelsea (YMSM 204); Blue and Opal: Herring Fleet (YMSM 273); Blue and Silver (M.1044); Red and black (M.934); probably Note in opal - The Sands, Dieppe (M.1033); 'Moored' is possibly Sea (M.885); Green and silver - Parc Monceau, Paris (M.1013). A number of them, including M.903, were displayed at JW's exhibition 'Notes' - 'Harmonies' - 'Nocturnes', Messrs Dowdeswell, London, 1884. It opened in May 1884. According to MacDonald, M.935 does not appear to have been sold to either Mrs Sartoris or to Poole. See entry in MacDonald, Margaret F., James McNeill Whistler. Drawings, Pastels and Watercolours. A Catalogue Raisonné, New Haven and London, 1995. In addition, the oil YMSM 204 was still in JW's studio in January 1899 and may not therefore have been sold either (see entry in Young, Andrew McLaren, Margaret F. MacDonald, Robin Spencer and Hamish Miles, The Paintings of James McNeill Whistler, New Haven and London, 1980).

3.  1) 13
The numbers on the left side of the page (next to each work of art) are in pencil in another hand.

4.  Dr Lennox Browne
Dr Isaac Lennox Browne (1841-1902), throat specialist [more].

5.  Mrs C. Sartoris
Mary H. Sartoris (b. ca 1846), collector, wife of C. U. Sartoris, landed proprietor [more].

6.  H. S. Theobald Esq
Henry Studdy Theobald (1847-1934), barrister and collector [more]. The identity of each of the 'drawings' is not entirely clear. However, Theobald told Pennell that he purchased 'some thirty or forty drawings or pastels through the Dowdeswells' (see Studies for the Mummy Cloth & Notes for Dress (M.568)). See also receipt, #00858.

7.  E. J. Poole Esq
Edward John Poole (b. ca 1848), civil servant and art collector [more].

8.  Wilson King Esq
Wilson King (b. ca 1847), collector, American consul in Birmingham [more].

9.  Cyril Flower Esq M. P
Cyril Flower (1843-1907), barrister, Liberal MP, 1st Baron Battersea [more].

10.  Miss Van de Weyer
Evelyn Elizabeth Sturgis (b. 1848), daughter of Sylvian Van de Weyer (1802-1874), Belgian ambassador in London, or her sister Louise Marie Augusta (b. 1851).

11.  W Baptiste Scoones Esq
William Baptiste Wordsworth Scoones (1838 or 1839-1906), civil servant [more].

12.  Earl of Dunraven
Windham Thomas Wyndham-Quin (1841-1926), 4th Earl of Dunraven and Mountearl [more].

13.  Henry Irving Esq
John Henry Brodribb alias Henry Irving (1838-1905), actor, Director and manager of the Lyceum Theatre [more].

14.  F. W. Girdlestone Esq
Frederick ('Duck') Kennedy Wilson Girdlestone (1844-1922), barrister and collector [more].

15.  Mrs Blomfield More
Mrs Blomfield More, collector [more].

16.  E. W. Hooper Esq
Edward William Hooper (1839-1901), collector [more].

17.  H. L. Sherlock & Sons
Henry L. Sherlock, Customs baggage and forwarding agents for the Westminster Fire and Standard Life Offices, Liverpool, solicitors.

18.  Mrs Skipp Lloyd
Ellen Sarah Skipp Lloyd (m. 1876), née Johnson, collector [more].

19.  Chs B. McLaren
Charles Benjamin Bright McLaren (1850-1934), first Baron Aberconway, lawyer, MP and collector [more]. The remainder of the document is noted in JW's hand, in pencil.

20.  Mr Wickham Flower
Wickham Flower (b. ca 1836), solicitor and collector [more].

21.  Catalogue
Written by JW, in pink ink. When this page was folded up this word would have appeared on top as a title.