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System Number: 07524
Date: [June 1885/1887?][1]
Author: Maud Franklin[2]
Place: London
Recipient: Octavie Josephine de Macedo-Carvalho[3]
Place: [Paris]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler X94
Document Type: ALS

The Vale

Ma chère Madame

Je vous remerci [sic] pour votre charmante lettre d ajourdhui - et de la derniere aussi. Je vais mieux et je voulez allez a Mentone[4] toute de suite maintenon - J'espere vous voir en passant par'ce que Je resterai a Paris une nuit

Jai une amie a Paris tout pres de vous. dan l'avenue de la grande Armee -

[p. 2] Vous m'avez fait une grande surprise en attendant le departure de Mons Henri[5] - J'espere qu'il reviendra pour l'annee prochaine - et le petit Willie[6] - ouest-il parti?

Je suis tres heureuse davoir des nouvelle de Mons Lucas[7] - de le savoir toujours qu'il va bien et pour vous. Vous avez toute les bons souhaites de mon coeur - mes compliments à Mons Eugene[8] [p. 3] Je vous demand pardon davoir retard de repondre de votre charmante lettre mais j'etais un peu triste dans ce moment pour pouvoir ecrire - Acceptez de ma part un grand baisser de coeur

Je suis toujours votre amie

M Whistler

Je vous ferais savoir le jour de mon depart pour Paris. Ma seur[9] [sic] va bien - merci

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I thank you for your charming letter of today and the last one as well. I am better and would like to go to Mentone right away now - I hope to see you on the way as I will stay in Paris one night

I have a friend in Paris near you on the avenue de la grande Armée -

You gave me a big surprise at Mr Henri's departure. I hope that he will come back next year - and little Willie, where has he gone?

I am very happy to have news of Mr Lucas - to know that he is well and you also. You have all my heart-felt good wishes - my compliments to Mr Eugène.

I ask your pardon for being late in replying to your charming letter but I was a little sad at that moment to be able to reply - Accept on my part a big heart-felt kiss

I am always your friend

M Whistler

I will let you know the day of my departure for Paris. My sister is fine - thank you


1.  [June 1885/1887?]
A date of 1885 to 1887 is indicated by the address. It is possible that this letter dates from before 28 June 1885 when G. A. Lucas wrote to JW that it was not convenient for Maud to visit. However, shortly afterwards, on 12 August 1885, Lucas 'Wrote Maud Whistler to come' (Randall, Lillian, ed., George A. Lucas: An American Art Agent in Paris, 1857-1909, Princeton, 1979, vol. 2, pp. 611, 613).

2.  Maud Franklin
Mary Maud Franklin (1857- ca 1941), JW's model and mistress [more].

3.  Octavie Josephine de Macedo-Carvalho
Octavie Josephine de Macedo-Carvalho (1833-1909), née Marchand, probable mistress of George A. Lucas [more].

4.  Mentone
Town in southern France. Maud made several trips to Paris in 1884-6 but no date for a trip to Menton (Mentone) has been established.

5.  Henri
Possibly Henry Walters (1841-1931), collector, founder of the Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore, MD [more]. He visited Europe several times and could have met Maud in London or Paris.

6.  Willie
Not identified.

7.  Lucas
George Aloysius Lucas (1824-1909), art dealer in Paris [more]. Maud met Lucas for the first time in 1879 - see Lucas's diaries, 17-27 April, 16 Sept, 18 October 1879 (Randall 1979. op. cit., vol. 2, pp. 472, 481, 483). After Maud and JW parted in 1888, her friendship with Lucas continued.

8.  Eugene
Eugène José de Macedo-Carvalho (1854-1928), son of Octavie Josephine de Macedo-Carvalho [more]. He was based in London and knew both Maud and JW well. Indeed, on 15 November 1894, she and Lucas were god-parents to Macedo-Carvalho's daughter, Simone (Randall 1979, op. cit., vol. 1, p. 39).

9.  soeur
Probably Edith L. Crossley (b. ca 1861), née Franklin, accountant, sister of Maud Franklin [more].. Maud and her sister arrived to visit Lucas in Boissise on 24 August 1885; the sister left on the 2nd, and Lucas and Maud were back in Paris by 12 September. JW, who was staying in Dieppe, came up to Paris for a night on the 16th. Maud finally left for London on 28 September (Randall 1979, op. cit, vol. 2, pp. 613-16).