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System Number: 07403
Date: [12/23 January 1885][1]
Author: JW
Place: London
Recipient: Walter Théodore Watts-Dunton[2]
Place: [London]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler W1391
Document Type: ALS


Theodore -

you are to come and dine tomorrow - 'The Vale[4]', at 7.30 without fail -

I long to see you -

[butterfly signature]

Miss Lenoir[5] has made a note of [p. 2] a special seat to be set aside for you in the front row, so that you may lose none of the golden words[6]!

You will hear from her in due course and therefore need not mean while send to any library for a place -

'note W. D. always[7] asked for a front row owing to his short sightedness
circa 1885'

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1.  [12/23 January 1885]
Dated from JW to T. Watts-Dunton, #07402 (envelope), which possibly contained this letter. However, a 'Ten O'Clock Lecture' ticket transcribed at #07405 and dated 23 January 1885 might possibly have accompanied this note, although this is unlikely. In any event, this letter cannot be dated later than the receipt of that ticket.

2.  Walter Théodore Watts-Dunton
Walter Theodore Watts (later Watts-Dunton) (1832-1914), solicitor, novelist and poet [more].

Embossed address. Envelope #07402 bears the Hogarth Club embossed mark and may be connected with this letter.

4.  The Vale
JW was then living at 'The Pink Palace,' No. 2, The Vale, Chelsea.

5.  Miss Lenoir
Helen Lenoir (1852-1913), née Coupar Black, actress and stage manager [more].

6.  golden words
JW is referring to the 'Ten O'Clock Lecture', his major public statement of his aesthetic ideas. It would be delivered for the first time on 20 February 1885. Helen Lenoir managed the event.

7.  note W. D. always ... circa 1885
Note written in another hand (possibly that of Watts-Dunton's wife Clara) at top of p. 1. 'W. D.' was Watts-Dunton.