The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler
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System Number: 07062
Date: 20 July 1855
Author: Job Williams[1]
Place: Pomfret
Recipient: George William Whistler[2]
Place: [Baltimore]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler W1051
Document Type: ALS

'No. 69'[3]


July 20th 1855

Geo. W. Whistler Esq

Dear Sir

Yours of July 17th/55[4] is at hand, in reply to which I would say - my age has disqualified me (by the the laws of Connecticut) for holding the Office of Judge of Probate. The Office of Judge of Probate for the District of Pomfret, is now held by Charles I Grosvenor[5] of Abington - to whom any correspondence may be addressed as Probate Judge of said District -

Yet in regard to subject of enquiry contained in your letter, I may be permitted to say, that James now having arrived to lawful age - you can safely settle with him, and his discharge in full for all claims against you as his Guardian[6] would be good and valid in law - sometimes in taking such receipts the Guardian wishes to have a copy of it on the Probate Records - but this the law does not require - nor is it necessary - if the receipt is kept safe as you would keep other valuable vouchers -

Your bond only requires that you settle with the Court when required, or to the Ward when arrived to full age -

Please present [p. 2] my kindest regards to your respected Mother[7], and believe me, with much Respect,


Job Williams

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1.  Job Williams
Job Williams, of Pomfret, CT, possibly a retired Judge. Williams would have met JW and family when they returned from Russia in 1849. JW went to school in Pomfret from 1849-51.

2.  George William Whistler
George William Whistler (1822-1869), engineer, JW's half-brother [more]. He was then working in Baltimore.

3.  'No. 69'
Written in another hand, probably at a later date.

4.  Yours of July 17th/55
This letter has not been located.

5.  Charles I Grosvenor
Charles H. Grosvenor (1833-1917), Judge of Probate in Pomfret, CT [more].

6.  Guardian
G. W. Whistler was JW's guardian until he reached the age of 21 on 11 July 1855. JW gave him power of attorney on 30 July (#06670).

7.  Mother
G. W. Whistler's mother was Mary Roberdeau Whistler (1804-1827), née Swift, first wife of JW's father [more]. However, this reference is to his step-mother, Anna Matilda Whistler (1804-1881), née McNeill, JW's mother [more].