The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler
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System Number: 06510
Date: 7 May 1860
Author: Anna Matilda Whistler[1]
Place: New York
Recipient: James H. Gamble[2]
Place: [Staten Island]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: Whistler W505
Document Type: ALS[3]

148 Joralemon St Brooklyn

May 7th 1860

Dear Mr Gamble

It is a great disappointment that a very severe cold has obliged me to keep my bed instead of availing of this fine weather to cross over to Homeland. Tomorrow being my last day for packing, I shall not be able then to make calls of adieu. Having many to write this afternoon, obliged to keep my bed til noon, I must close this with love to your dear Mother & Sister[4], regretting more than my pen can express not to see them, may I hope to be remembered in your mothers prayers. perhaps you will be on board the Africa[5] as several other friends promise to see us off.

My dear Willie[6] is resident Physician in the Howard Hospital[7] Phila & quite well. I have heard twice from London since their expecting me, Jemie[8] all impatience to exhibit to me his work. Mary Brennan[9] visited me to aid me in moving. I felt her to be indispensible. The other Mary[10] [is] now in the nursery of the Revd Mr Wadsworth[11] whom you know doubtless as the star in your branch of the church in Phil. in Arch St.

[p. 2] Donald McNeill[12] is under the roof of (my Scarsdale neighbor) Mrs Hill in North 16th[13] in Phila he could not be more advantageously placed, continuing at school he was confirmed the Sunday before last & loves his Pastor & Sunday school. I have so many tokens of the favor of the Lord in the kind overtures of friends to smooth my way, that I think I am in the path of duty & hope the divine blessing upon my visit to my children, Sister & friends. I do not expect to go to Scotland much as I should like to but may. I must try to go to call upon Mrs Maxwell[14] tomorrow as I must also see my Charleston relatives[15] just arrived in N Y, so disappointed not to see all in my circle. Miss Margaret[16] from Scarsdale Cottage awaited my coming here last Thursday & hoped I & my Sister Mrs Palmer[17] would have gone home with her to spend the Sabbath, but I was too unwell for exertions & she remains with me here.

Offer my friendly regards to Mr Wann[18] & believe me always dear Mr Gamble

your attached friend

Anna M Whistler.

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1.  Anna Matilda Whistler
Anna Matilda Whistler (1804-1881), née McNeill, JW's mother [more].

2.  James H. Gamble
James H. Gamble (b. 1820), clerk [more].

3.  ALS
Embossed paper mark: QUADRILLE HB

4.  Mother & Sister
Jane Gamble (1790-1864), mother of J. H. Gamble [more], and her daughter Jane Wann (1822-1875), née Gamble, wife of S. Wann [more].

5.  Africa
Steamer Africa (1850-1868), Cunard Line (2,226 tons.); see AMW to JW, 13 November 1851, #06406.

6.  Willie
William McNeill Whistler (1836-1900), physician, JW's brother [more].

7.  Howard Hospital
'Howard Hospital and Infirmary of Incurables,' was located at 1812 Lombard Street, Philadelphia; see McElroy's Philadelphia City Directory for 1861, Philadelphia, p. 1317.

8.  Jemie
James McNeill Whistler (1834-1903), artist [more].

9.  Mary Brenan
Mary Brennan (b. 1825), AMW's servant [more].

10.  Mary
Mary McLaughlin, AMW's servant in Philadelphia.

11.  Revd Mr Wadsworth
Rev. Wadsworth, clergyman at Philadelphia.

12.  Donald McNeill
Donald C. McNeill (1844-1876), JW's cousin [more]; see AMW to Jane Gamble, Jane and Samuel Wann, 24/28 June 1859, #06506, and AMW to Charles W. McNeill, 10/12 October 1877, #06561.

13.  Mrs Hill in North 16th
32 North 16th Street, was the home address of William Hill, librarian, son of Susan Hill (1806-1872), née Clarkson, wife of Robert Carmer Hill, Sr [more]; see McElroy's Philadelphia City Directory for 1861, Philadelphia, p. 441.

14.  Mrs Maxwell
Probably Ann Maxwell (1784-1867), née Young, wife of Robert Maxwell [more].

15.  Charleston relatives
Probably the families of Philip Johnston Porcher, Sr (1806-1871), AMW's cousin [more], and Mary Corbett (b. 1804), cousin of AMW [more]; see AMW to JW, 15 October 1851, #06404.

16.  Miss Margaret
Margaret Getfield Hill (1802-1881), a friend of AMW, of Scarsdale, NY [more]; she was the owner of the cottage at Scarsdale, NY in which AMW lived in intermittently between ca 1852 and 1857.

17.  Mrs Palmer
Catherine ('Kate') Jane Palmer (ca 1812 - d.1877), née McNeill, AMW's sister [more].

18.  Mr Wann
Samuel Wann (b. 1820), merchant, brother-in-law of J. H. Gamble [more].