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System Number: 05811
Date: 14 August 1894
Author: David Croal Thomson[1]
Place: London
Recipient: JW
Place: [Paris]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler T156
Document Type: ALS

[Oval cameo of Minerva, with text:] THE ART JOURNAL

5 Regent St
London S W

Augt 14th 1894

Dear Mr Whistler,

I write to you about the Lithograph to ask you if at all possible you can arrange that The Art Journal has the Bébés[2] before the Studio one[3] comes out.

If you will kindly reflect a moment you will see that it has not been in our [p. 2] power to hasten the matter. The day after we settled to have it & the Count[4] I had the latter photographed at the Salon & I have done every thing possible to hurry it on - I believe we could have got a block satisfactory to you without Badoureau[5], but as you liked his work we sent it to him. You gave the other people the litho. chance first: you might give me the next. In any case I ask it as a favour begging you to look on my request in as friendly a light as possible.

[p. 3] I am wondering too when Mr Whibley[6] will send his article. If you see him could you mention I was asking?

I am telling my friend he may keep the letter as an autograph. I assure you I was very careful to see nothing was in in the little note, but I sent it to interest him & to bring him to do something if possible.

All the business letters you send are entirely sacred & personal to me alone.

[p. 4] Mrs Alfred Morrison[7] & a Mrs Thornton (? or Thornhill)[8] called at Goupils to-day & saw one or two of Pooles[9] little drawings & the Blue Wave[10]. The second lady is very much your admirer & seemed to know you but she is a stranger to us. They did not buy anything however

Yours very truly

D. C. Thomson

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1.  David Croal Thomson
David Croal Thomson (1855-1930), art dealer [more].

2.  Bébés
Nursemaids: 'Les Bonnes du Luxembourg' (C.81).

3.  Studio one
The Laundress: 'La Blanchisseuse de la Place Dauphine' (C.93).

4.  Count
Arrangement in Black and Gold: Comte Robert de Montesquiou-Fezensac (YMSM 398).

5.  Badoureau
Edward Badoureau (b. ca 1850), a printer and boxwood block manufacturer [more].

6.  Mr Whibley
Charles Whibley (1859-1930), writer and journalist [more].

7.  Mrs Alfred Morrison
Isabel Morrison (b. ca 1849), wife of the collector, Alfred Morrison [more].

8.  Mrs Thornton (? or Thornhill)
Not identified.

9.  Pooles
Edward John Poole (b. ca 1848), civil servant and art collector [more].

10.  Blue Wave
Blue and Silver: Blue Wave, Biarritz (YMSM 41), which was bought by Alfred Atmore Pope (1842-1913), manufacturer and collector [more].