The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler
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System Number: 05635
Date: [January 1889?][1]
Author: Charles James Whistler Hanson[2]
Place: [London]
Recipient: William Christian Symons[3]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler S281
Document Type: AD[4]

[left column:]
Anderson - Wm.
Allen James Van
[tick] d'Avendano, Chevalier
Armstrong Prof Tom
Ashburn George
Allan, R. W.
Abbey - E. A.
Ashburnham, Earl of
Arthur Sir G.
Aide Hamilton
Alexander Col. Gordon
Abel, A. D.

Bodley G. F. A.R.A.
Ball, Edwin
Bentley, J. F.
Barrable, G.
Bigland, Percy
Ball, Wilfred,
[tick] Brown. Fred,
Bate, Francis
Boehm, J. E.
Bathe, Sir Henry
Borthwick Sir Algernon
Boughton, G.
Byng. Hon & Rev

[right column:]
Brookfield, C.
Burnand, Frank
Blanche J. E.
Baldry, Alfred
Blocker, Carlos.
Bentinck, J. Cavendish
Bussey, H. F.
[tick] Barker, William
Baxter. G. L.
Beaufort - Duke of x
Bird Dr Tom.
Browning. Robert.
Brown John Louis
Beckett. William
Bastaro, Algernon
Burns, Walter H.
Belgrave Percy,
'Beckett. Ernest. M. P.'
[tick] Clayton, John
Clausen, George
Chamber, C Haddon
Collins, Col. Arthur
Calcraft, Henry
Carte. R. D'Oyly
Croft. Thos.
Craigie. L. W.
Carr. J. Comyns
Currie, Sir Philip

[p. 2, left column:]
Cundell, Wilfred
Cundell, H. Stewart
Clay, Sir Arthur
Connell, B. E.
Child, Theo.
Collingwood Henry Isaac
Cunliffe Owen Sir P.
Crawford Earl
[tick] Cole. Alan
Coleridge, Lord
Cadogan Henry
Christie. J. E.
Coghill. E. B.
Chapman Alfred.
Corner, Geo. E.

Dennis. R.
Deschamps. C. W.
[tick] Davis. H. W. R. H.
Downey, Edmund.
Davenport. F. W.
du Maurier George
Drummond. Charles
Duncombe. C. W.
Dunraven Earl
Duret, Theo.

[right column:]
Duncan. Walter
Day, Sir John Q. C.
Degas Mons.
Dicey Edward.
Dawkins G. H.
Dalziel. H.
Dalziel. O.

Evershed. Dr
Elliot. Major General
Elcho. Lord.
Emslie, A. E.

Florence. H. L.
Fairfield. E.
Fisher -
Fane, H. A.
Farquhar. G.
[tick] Fagan, Louis
[tick] Fagen. W. B.
Ford, Sheridan
Forbes, Archibald
'Flower - Wickham'
'Forbes - Jas. Sr'

Gibbs. H. H.
Giradot. E. Gustave
Grace. A. F.

[p, 3, left column:]
Gilbert. Alfred
Granby, Marquis of
Gooch. A. C.
Graham, John
Giffard. J. Hardinge
Gardner. Herbert M. P.
Griffiths, Major G.
Gotch - T. C.
Guthrie. F. Anstey
[tick] Glazebrook. H. de T.
Goff. T.
Gervex. Mons.
Gennadius. His Ex.
Goulding, F.
Guthrie. Jas
Grain Corney

Hacker, Arthur
Hore. Rev. J. C.
Hore. Rev. J. C.
Hayes. Claud
Hayes. Claud
Hayes. Edwin
Huish Marcus
Hunt. E. Aubrey.
Hood. Jacomb.
Hill, Arthur.
Hesaltine. J. P.
Harte. Bret.

[right column:]
Hollingshead John
Higgins H. N.
Hamilton. H. Vereker
Hardinge W. [A.?]
Harding. C. P.
Haig. A. H.
Hetherington J.
Helleu. Mons
Hewitt. Sir Prescott
Hurlbert. W N.
Henschell [sic]
Hosier, Capt H. Montague
Horton W. L.
Hall, L. Bernard.
Hartley. Alfred.
[tick] 'Hutchinson - '

Johnson, David
Johnson. Cyrus
Jennens, Joseph
Ionides Alexander A
James, Francis E.
Jeune, Francis
Jacomb, Pearce
Jones. H. J.
Inglefield. Admiral

Knight J. Beefsteak Club
Knight, J. 121 Cheyne Walk
Keene, Charles
Knutsford Lord

[p. 4, left column:]
Little, [Jon?] Stanley
Little Leon
Lucas. Stanley
Lowrey. F.
Law. David.
Ludby, Max
Llewellyn. W. H. J.
Ludovici, A,
Loudon. W. Mouat.
Lewis George
Labouchere, Henry,
Leslie Sir John
Lindsey Sir Coutts
Lee, Stirling
Locker, Arthur
Lawrence, Arthur
Le [Bruxere?]
Lindner Moffat P.
Lethbridge Walter
Laurence Hon Charles
Lawless. Hon Fred,
Lawson. Edward L.
Lankester Prof Ray
Laidly. W. J.
Lavery. J.
Lefroy. F. S.

[right column:]
Miller, Dr [Aubey?]
Mullins. E. R.
[tick] Macbeth. R. W.
Moore Geo
Macnab. Peter
MacLean, Nelson
Morris. P. R.
[tick] McCarthy, Justin
[tick] McCarthy, Huntly
Milner, Sir Fred,
[tick] Moffat, Edmund. J.
Mitford. A. B. Freeman
Mallarme. Stephen
Montesquiou. Comte
Menzies, D.
Mitchell, J.
Macculloch, James
Maitland. Paul. F.
Melville, Arthur
Murray, David
Mann, Alex
McLachlan, T. H.

Nicol, H.
Newton Sir Charles
Napier, Hon Mark
Norton - W. L.

[p. 5, left column:]

[p. 5, left column:]
Orchardson. W. Q.
O'Connor. T. P.

Parker, Sir H. Watson
Phillips F. T.
Padgett. William
Poynter. E. J.
Polignac. Prince
Poole. E. J.
Porter, Walter
Philips, Lawrence B.
Parton Earnest
Pye, Dr Walter
Parkinson, J. C.
Pearse - Godfrey
Probyn - Sir Dighton
Powerscourt Viscount
Penfield. Q. C.
Parker, Fred, R.A.
Peppercorn, A. D.
Piggot - Edward.

Rodgers. J. E.
Robertson. C. Gray
Reeve, Percy,
Rixon. W. A.

[right column:]
Radclyffe, Raymond.
Roussel. Theo.
Rowtor Lord
Reid, Whitelow
Raffalovich, André
Robertson, Arthur
Rodd. Rennell
Russel, Sir Charles
Rossetti. W. M.
[tick] Ryder. John Ed
Ribblesdale, Lord
Roche, A.
Raven-Hill, Leonard.
Rowe. T. [Trythall?]
Reubell. Mons

Sarney, Thomas
Shakespeare, W.
Sparkes - John C. L.
[tick] [Smiter?] Capt. J. H. R.N.
[Sprend?]. W.
Starr. Sidney
Steer, P. Wilson
Smythe. Lionel
Sickert. Walter
Shannon. J. J.
Sickert, Bernard.
Simpson. T.
[tick] Short, Frank

[p. 6, left column]
Solomon. S. J.
Sargent John
Scoones, Baptiste
Sullivan Sir Arthur
Smalley. G. W.
Shannon. JJ. CH.?
Sala. G. A.
Story. Julian
Stevens. A.
Stevens. Rupert.
[tick] Singleton C. J.
Salaman. Malcolm
Swan, John
Symonds. John Augustus
Sarasate. Senor.
Stephenson, Charles
Sturgis, Julian
St John - Brenon. E.
Symons Arthur.
Stewart. Mons.

[tick] Thomas. J. H.
Thomas, Brandon
Tree, Beerbohm
Theobald. H. M.
Thornely. [Charley?]
Taylor, Wycliffe
Thompson, Henry Yates

[right column:]
Percy Thomas.
Tennant. Sir Charles
Thynne, Charles
Tuke, H. S.
Taylor, W H.

Virtue, Herbert.
Vouillon F.
Vos - Hubert.

Wyllie, W L.
[Waterton?]. Earnest.
Westlake, N. H. J.
Westlake - F.
Ward. Edwin G.
Watson. C. J.
Waterhouse. J. W.
Watson, J. D.
Wyllie - C. W.
Watson Alfred
Williams Cyprian
[tick] Whistler - Dr W.
Watts. Theo.
Williams, Montague
White. Henry.
Warre, Fred.
Waller, Governor.
[tick] Wagner. Albert Van
[tick] Wirgman, T. Blake
Wagrelin. J. R.
[tick] Walker. Thos. M. [Connelley?]

[p. 7]
Wedmore, F W,
Wortley, Archi[bald] Stuart
Wyndham Percy
Wentworth. Lord
Wolseley, Lord
Wortley. Charles Stuart
Wilson Sir Rivers
Whitehouse, Cope
Windsor. Lord.
Wharncliffe, Lord.
White, Henry,
Walton. E. A.
Woodroofe. H.
Young. T. Russel

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1.  [January 1889?]
This is part of the early preparations for a dinner in honour of JW that was held at the Criterion in May 1889.

2.  Charles James Whistler Hanson
Charles James Whistler Hanson (1870-1935), engineer, son of JW and Louisa Fanny Hanson [more].

3.  William Christian Symons
William Christian Symons (1845-1911), painter and designer [more].

4.  AD
Written by Charles James Whistler Hanson (1870-1935), engineer, son of JW and Louisa Fanny Hanson [more], with a few additions in JW's hand ('Beckett, Ernest. M. P.', 'Hutchinson', 'Flower, Wickham' and 'Forbes, Jas Sr').

5.  Allison
The list includes aristocrats such as Sir Coutts Lindsay (1824-1913), Bart., co-founder of the Grosvenor Gallery [more], and Edmond, Prince de Polignac (1834-1901), composer [more]; diplomats, such as James Rennell Rodd (1858-1941), 1st Baron Rennell, poet and diplomat [more]; lawyers, including Sir John Charles Sigismund Day (1826-1908), QC, collector [more], and Sir George Henry Lewis (1833-1911), society lawyer [more]; and scientists, including Edwin Ray Lankester (1847-1929), Professor of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy [more]. There are several men involved with drama and music, such as John Hollingshead (1827-1904), journalist and manager of the Gaiety Theatre [more], Richard D'Oyly Carte (1844-1901), impresario and property developer [more], and Pablo de Sarasate y Navascues (1844-1908), violinist [more]; writers, such as Sheridan Ford (1860-1922), poet, critic, politician and writer on art [more], Stéphane Mallarmé (1842-1898), Symbolist writer and poet [more], and Comte Robert de Montesquiou-Fezensac (1855-1921), Symbolist writer and poet, and collector [more]. Art critics and editors include Theodore Child (1846-1892), journalist and art critic [more], Théodore Duret (1838-1927), art critic and collector [more], Henry Du Pré Labouchère (1831-1912), journalist and Liberal MP [more],William Michael Rossetti (1829-1919), civil servant and critic [more], and George Augustus Sala (1828-1895), artist, journalist and critic [more]. Nor surprisingly, there are many patrons and collectors, such as Alexander ('Aleco') Ionides (1840-1898), businessman [more], Alfred Chapman (1839-1917), engineer and collector [more], and Wickham Flower (b. ca 1836), solicitor and collector [more]; some art dealers, such as Charles William Deschamps (1848-1908), art dealer [more]; and, of course, many artists, including Joseph Edgar Boehm (1834-1890), sculptor [more], Hilaire-Germain-Edgar Degas (1834-1917), artist [more], John Lavery (1856-1941), painter [more], William Quiller Orchardson (1832-1910), genre and portrait painter [more], Theodore Roussel (1847-1926), painter and print-maker [more], Walter Richard Sickert (1860-1942), artist and writer on art [more], Francis ('Frank') Job Short (1857-1945), printer and print-maker [more], and John Singer Sargent (1856-1925), artist [more]. Finally, there are a few family members, such as Hon Charles Ernest Thynne (1849-1906), solicitor, husband of JW's niece Annie Haden [more], and William McNeill Whistler (1836-1900), physician, JW's brother [more].