The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler
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System Number: 05276
Date: [20 October/November 1886?][1]
Author: Society of British Artists[2]
Place: [London]
Recipient: JW
Place: [London]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler R172
Document Type: MsD

  List of Subscribers of £5- 5 entitled to an Etching[3] by Mr Whistler, in addition to five chances in the Ballot.
  pd James Hayllar[4]. Castle Priory, Wallingford.
  pd G. I. Ingram[5]
delivered pd W. E. Blake[6]     Wimbledon
  pd A. W. Rixon[7], 57. St Charles Square, Notting Hill
delivered pd Winchester Clowes[8]. Salisbury Square. E. C.
  pd R. W. Williams[9]. 51. Rupert Street
  pd Nöel L. Pocock[10]. Basing Chambers, Basinghall St. E. C.
  pd Geo. E. Fairchild[11]. 19. Harrington Square
  pd C. D. Abel[12]
  pd Leslie Thomson[13],
  pd A. Smythe[14], Alliance Bank, Camden Town
  pd Edward Pullan[15], Royal Oak Hotel Bettws-y-Coed. [sic] N. Wales
delivered pd Wilfrid M. Cundell[16]. 16 Ladbroke Terrace W.
  pd Richard Worthington[17]
delivered pd J. Garnock Jones[18], 36. Chapel St. Liverpool
delivered pd E. Elliot[19]
  pd W. F. Mills[20], Messrs Newmans, Soho Square
  pd Alfred Leach[21], Wakefield
    William Bautcher[22].
  pd Mrs Bronson[23] 26. Hans Place
  pd Fred Ingle[24], 5, Whitehall
  pd J. E. Grace[25]
delivered pd A. E. Mills Miles[26]
  pd W. A. Watts[27], St. Ives, Hunts.
  pd N. Shepherd[28], 101, Bermondsy New Road
  pd S. Payne.[29] Guildhall, E. C.
  pd H. W. Thomson[30]
delivered pd Mrs Manuel[31]
delivered pd Miss Van de Weyer[32], 10. De Vere Gardens W.
  pd David Law[33]
[p. 2] pd John FrancaisTravis. Clegg[34]
  pd W. F. Mills.
  pd A. Thomson[35]
delivered pd T. Maclean[36] 7. Haymarket
  pd + C. J. Leighton. Singleton[37] 8 Stapels Inn
  pd Mons Druet[38]
  pd G. F. Munn[39]
  pd Miss Gribbill[40] 1 Albert Hall Mansions
    G. F. Munn
  pd G. Colquhune[41]
delivered pd Arthur L. Stride[42], Bush Hall, Hatfield
delivered pd G. P. Jacomb Hood[43]
  pd G. F Munn
  pd Wilfrid Ball[44]
delivered pd Woodhouse Braine[45] - c/o [A Flit?].
44 pd W. F. Mills


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1.  [20 October/November 1886?]
Dated by reference to lottery (see e.g. A. J. Le Patourel to JW, 20 October 1886, #05272). The society's urgent need for money was partly met by this lottery of JW's etching. The list was written in an unknown hand.

2.  Society of British Artists
JW was elected President of the SBA in July 1886 and took office in December.

3.  Etching
The Fish-Shop, Busy Chelsea (K.264).

4.  James Hayllar
James Hayllar (1829-1920), genre and portrait painter [more].

5.  G. I. Ingram
G. I. Ingram, a subscriber to the SBA lottery.

6.  W. E. Blake
W. E. Blake, a subscriber to the SBA lottery.

7.  A. W. Rixon
William Augustus Rixon (fl. 1880-1936), landscape painter [more].

8.  Winchester Clowes
Winchester Clowes (ca 1847 - d.1901), wholesale paper merchant and painter [more].

9.  R. W. Williams
R. W. Williams, writer of stories for boys.

10.  Nöel L. Pocock
Noël L. Pocock (b. ca 1849), solicitor [more].

11.  Geo. E. Fairchild
George Edwin Fairchild (b. ca 1851), accountant [more].

12.  C. D. Abel
Possibly A. D. Abel, possibly a social or artistic acquaintance of JW.

13.  Leslie Thomson
Leslie Thomson (1851-1929), coastal and landscape painter [more].

14.  A. Smythe
A. Smythe, a subscriber to the SBA lottery.

15.  Edward Pullan
Edward Pullan, a subscriber to the SBA lottery.

16.  Wilfrid M. Cundell
Wilfred Cundell (b. ca 1858), stockbroker [more].

17.  Richard Worthington
Richard Worthington (b. ca 1834), retired Indian civil servant [more].

18.  J. Garnock Jones
James Garnock Jones (b. ca 1848), rope manufacturer [more].

19.  E. Elliot
Probably Edward Elliot (fl. 1879-1911), landscape, coastal and figure painter [more].

20.  W. F. Mills
W. F. Mills, employee of Messrs Newman, artists' colourmen.

21.  Alfred Leach
Alfred Leach (ca 1857 - d.1892), physician, linguist and writer [more].

22.  William Bautcher
William Bautcher, a subscriber to the SBA lottery.

23.  Mrs Bronson
Katherine Coleman Bronson (1834-1901), née De Kay [more].

24.  Fred Ingle
F. Ingle, a subscriber to the SBA lottery.

25.  J. E. Grace
James Edward Grace (1851-1908), landscape painter and illustrator [more].

26.  Miles
George Francis ('Frank') Miles (1852-1894), painter [more].

27.  W. A. Watts
William Arthur Watts, clerk to the school Board of Somersham, St Ives, Devon.

28.  N. Shepherd
N. Shepherd, unidentified.

29.  S. Payne.
S. Payne, unidentified.

30.  H. W. Thomson
H. W. Thomson, a subscriber to the SBA lottery.

31.  Mrs Manuel
Probably Sophia Eustratius Manuel (1853-1905), née Ionides [more].

32.  Miss Van de Weyer
Evelyn Elizabeth Sturgis (b. 1848), daughter of Sylvian Van de Weyer (1802-1874), Belgian ambassador in London, or her sister Louise Marie Augusta (b. 1851).

33.  David Law
David Law (1831-1901), RBA treasurer, painter and etcher [more].

34.  Clegg
Clegg, unidentified.

35.  A. Thomson
A. Thomson, a subscriber to the SBA lottery.

36.  T. Maclean
Thomas Nelson MacLean (1845-1894), sculptor [more].

37.  Singleton
Charles James Singleton, Jr (1841-1918), accountant [more]. The name was added in red ink.

38.  Mons Druet
Probably Charles L. Drouet (1836-1908), sculptor and collector [more].

39.  G. F. Munn
George Frederick Munn (1852-1907), painter and sculptor [more].

40.  Miss Gribbill
Miss Gribbell, Gribble or Gribbill, a social acquaintance of JW [more].

41.  G. Colquhune
G. Colquhune, a subscriber to the SBA lottery.

42.  Arthur L. Stride
Arthur Lewis Stride (b. ca 1837), civil engineer, managing director, London, Tilbury and Southend Railway [more].

43.  G. P. Jacomb Hood
George Percy Jacomb Hood (1857-1929), genre painter and graver [more].

44.  Wilfrid Ball
Wilfred Williams Ball (1853-1917), painter and etcher [more].

45.  Woodhouse Braine
W. Braine, supporter of the SBA or Francis Woodhouse Braine, anaesthetist..