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System Number: 03989
Date: 15 May 1890
Author: Howard Mansfield[1]
Place: New York
Recipient: JW
Place: [London]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler M260
Document Type: ALS

'Howard Mansfield'


May 15 / 90.

Dear Mr. Whistler;

It has given me pleasure to note the favor which your Amsterdam etchings[2] have met with here. Not that anything was needed to strengthen my opinion of their merits, but because of the proof thus furnished of the good taste of [p. 2] our print lovers. Doubtless many more than have bought would be glad to get at these prints could they feel able in these dull times to climb over the price.

My pleasure, however, has been tinged with chagrin as I have seen other collectors have the choice which I have been wont [p. 3] to have of the proofs which have come to our printsellers. For having sent my orders to you - as you once asked me to do - I have had to stay my hand until I should hear from you. But nearly two months have gone without reply to my letter, so that to-day I am un-[p. 4]certain whether or not I have or ever shall have fine proofs of The Mill[3], The Bridge[4], The Little Drawbridge[5], and The Embroidered Curtain[6].

Will you not send me early word of what I may expect? If I may not expect anything, I must look where I can for what I want. But I fear that I can never get a fine proof of The Embroidered Curtain except from you. Freer[7] should also have[8] a fine proof of that, for no one appreciates your recent work more than he. His may be sent to me.

Yours truly

Howard Mansfield.

I assume that you received the £95 I sent you in March -

To / Mr. J. McNeill Whistler.

Please let your man roll the prints on a wooden roller and mail them to me here.

[p. 5][9] London,

May     1890.

Mr. Howard Mansfield,
New York,

Dear Sir;

Such of the following prints as shall fail to reach you by mail about the time you receive this, cannot be had from me. The prices of those that are sent are as indicated.

[p. 6] The Pennant[10] [tick] guineas.
Renaissance Window[11]
Zaandam[12] - 2d. State. on Japanese paper. [tick]
Long House[13] - on Japanese paper. [tick]
The Mill [tick]
The Bridge [tick]
The Little Drawbridge [tick]
The Embroidered Curtain. [tick]

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1.  Howard Mansfield
Howard Mansfield (1849-1938), New York lawyer, print collector [more]. His name is written in an unknown hand at the head of the letter.

2.  Amsterdam etchings
'Holland set', 1889 (K.402-416) (excat 10).

3.  The Mill
The Mill (K.413).

4.  The Bridge
Bridge, Amsterdam (K.409).

5.  The Little Drawbridge
Little Drawbridge, Amsterdam (K.412).

6.  The Embroidered Curtain
The Embroidered Curtain (K.410).

7.  Freer
Charles Lang Freer (1856-1919), industrialist, collector and founder of the Freer Gallery of Art [more].

8.  have
'have ... March' is written in the right margin, and from 'To / Mr. J. McNeill' in the left margin.

9.  The Pennant
Possibly Dipping the Flag (K.325).

10.  Renaissance Window
Renaissance Window, Loches (K.390).

11.  Zaandam
Zaandam (K.416).

12.  Long House
Long House - Dyer's - Amsterdam (K.406).

13.  [p. 5]
Pp. 5-6 are written by Mansfield, apparently to be sent back to him at a later date as a receipt. JW has pencilled ticks on p. 6 next to prints he could supply.