The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler
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System Number: 02371
Date: 27 May 1856
Author: Charles King Irwin[1]
Place: Magherafelt, Ireland
Recipient: Thomas Lowe Whistler[2]
Place: [Ireland]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler I111
Document Type: ALS

The Rectory

May 27


There stands in our Parish Church[3] a very old monument A D. 1651 to the memory of Ralph Whistler[4], the first settler (or Undertaker as it was called) of this Estate when granted by King James 1st[5] to the Salters Company[6] of London - This Church being condemned, is about to be taken down, a new one is in progress of erection and I wish to remove the venerable monument to the new structure. I should like in doing so to restore it as far as I can.

There is on it a large armorial shield originally blazoned in gilding & colors, but now quite faded. My object in troubling you, is that being of the same name & perhaps a descendant of the person you can probably furnish me with a description or if possible a sketch of your armorial bearings, with the proper heraldic colors, if you can do so, or put me in the way of procuring it, I shall feel much obliged, if you are of the same family perhaps you would not object to contribute to the expence which I shall incur in thus endeavouring to restore, and preserve, a relic, which tho interesting to me for its antiquity, must be still more so, to those who have the honor of [p. 2] claiming kindred with the individual.

Your obt Servt

Charles King Irwin.

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1.  Charles King Irwin
Charles King Irwin (1837-1915), clergyman [more].

2.  Thomas Lowe Whistler
Probably to Thomas Lowe Whistler, Sr, staff surgeon to the Forces and hospitals in Ireland. This letter was probably the enclosure sent by T. L. Whistler to JW in August 1868 (see T. L. Whistler to JW, #06976). See also #06977.

3.  Parish Church
The Paris church of Magherafelt, Co Derry, now Northern Ireland. It is described in 1870 as 'a neat edifice built in 1664, enlarged in 1718, and a tower and spire added in 1790 and it has been more recently repaired.' See Slater's Ireland, p. 293.

4.  Ralph Whistler
Ralph (Randolphus or H. S. E. Radulphus?) Whistler (d. 1656 or 1657) [more]. JW was not directly related to Ralph Whistler.

5.  King James 1st
King James (1603-1625) I of England and VI of Scotland from 1566-1625 [more].

6.  Salters Company
The London guild of the Company of Salters.