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Document associated with: Double, Kate
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System Number: 13241
Date: [1888/1892?][1]
Author: JW
Place: [London]
Recipient: [none]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler NB 2/231-4
Document Type: AD[2]

                     'Models . etc

Miss Rose Pettigrew[3]
         10 Goodson Road, Jervis Road, Fulham S W
Miss Lillie Pettigrew[4]

Miss. E Dyke[5].     (Head only)
       68 Wakehurst Road, Wandsworth Common S W
Miss Kate Buck[6]
       35 Avliss Rd Lavender. Hill S W

Madeline A Ashton[7]
       11 Beauchamp Place
            Brompton Road
                      S W
Mrs Coombe[8]
        50 Finbourough Road [sic]
               West Brompton

                  Miss Forester[9] -
Figure         70. Shorrolds Road - Fulham -
from Starr[10].

'Miss Ellen Jaydice[11]
            2 Emma Place        Italian Figure[12]
             Abingdon Road

[p. 2]

'Miss Rago[13].
      5. Goulden St     Figure[14]
           Battersea Park. Rd

Miss L Mitchell[15]
     1 Dartmoor Street   Figure[16]
         Notting Hill Gate'

Miss. E. Pints[17] -   199. Hampstead Road - N. W.

'L Keene[18] -
    15 Maitland Park Villas
          Have[r]stock Hill

Miss J. Balfour[19].
       21 Mimosa Road          Head[20].
                 Munster Park.
                        S W.

Miss Andrews[21].
     Lillie House
        Lillie Road
         West Brompton'

[p. 3]

'Miss H Mason[22].
      90 Kentish Town Road.
                   N. W.

Little Fair Hair'ed Baby.
           14 Church St. Chelsea -

Fair Hair'd boy H. Dove[23]. Barbers Shop. about. 7. . 12 Church St.

          Minnie Lamb[24].                    E. Penfold[25].
         52. Garret Lane                 98. Wardley St
           Wardley St.                     Wandsworth.

Miss Kate Double[26]
      29. Bateman Terrace.
         Sinclair Gardens. West Kensington

Miss Laney[27]                     (From Mr Lee[28])
       40. Peel St.  Notting Hill Gate .'

[p. 4]

'Dec 9 1888
                 [num nos?]
Barbers Shop[29] .     3 - 1
Bird Cages. Chel   3 -
Woods Fruit Shop   6.'

        'Mr Arthur Warren[30]
             19 Brompton Square
                        S W.
Special Correspondent
     Boston Herald.'

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1.  [1888/1892?]
Dated from JW's known association with the Pettigrew sisters and Arthur Warren. However, the date could be 9 December 1888 as appears on p. 4 of this document.

2.  AD
Written in a variety of hands, including that of JW.

3.  Miss Rose Pettigrew
Rose Amy Pettigrew (b. 1872), a model, later Mrs Warner [more].

4.  Miss Lillie Pettigrew
Lilian ('Lily') Pettigrew (b. 1870), artists' model [more].

5.  Miss. E Dyke
Miss E. Dyke, an artist's model.

6.  Miss Kate Buck
Kate Buck, an artist's model.

7.  Madeline A Ashton
Madeline A. Ashton, an artist's model.

8.  Mrs Coombe
Mrs Coombe, an artist's model.

9.  Miss Forester
Miss Forester, an artist's model.

10.  Starr
Sidney Starr (1866 or 1867-1925), painter [more].

11.  Miss Ellen Jaydice
Ellen Jaydice, an artist's model.

12.  Italian Figure
Double underlined.

13.  Miss Rago
Miss Rago, an artist's model.

14.  Figure
Double underlined.

15.  Miss L Mitchell
Miss L. Mitchell, an artist's model.

16.  Figure
Double underlined.

17.  Miss. E. Pints
Miss E. Pints, an artist's model.

18.  L Keene
L. Keene, an artist's model.

19.  Miss J. Balfour
Miss J. Balfour, an artist's model.

20.  Head
Double underlined.

21.  Miss Andrews
Miss Andrews, an artist's model.

22.  Miss H Mason
Miss H. Mason, an artist's model.

23.  H. Dove
H. Dove, an artist's model.

24.  Minnie Lamb
Minnie Lamb, an artist's model.

25.  E. Penfold
E. Penfold, an artist's model.

26.  Miss Kate Double
Kate Double, an artist's model.

27.  Miss Laney
Miss Laney, an artist's model.

28.  Mr Lee
Possibly Thomas Stirling Lee (1856-1916), sculptor [more].

29.  Barbers Shop
This is a list of etchings: The Barber's (K.271), Bird-Cages, Chelsea (K.276), and Woods's Fruit-Shop (K.265).

30.  Mr Arthur Warren
Arthur Warren (b. ca 1861), manager of a publishing and advertising business [more].