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System Number: 12959
Date: 13 December 1867
Author: Burlington Fine Arts Club[1]
Place: London
Recipient: [none]
Repository: Victoria & Albert Museum, London
Call Number: National Art Library, PC12/6 MSL/1952/1353/2/5/14
Document Type: AD

List of Members present Decr 13/67

1 C Flower[2]  
2 H Robinson[3] 34 M D Wyatt[4]
3 F. S Haden[5] 35 Dr Hamilton[6]
4 R Fisher[7] 36 Capt Chas Lutyens[8]
5 R N Wornum[9] 37 Sir Hy Thompson[10]
6 Wm Maskell[11] 38 G Salting[12]
7 A Hamilton[13] 39 S. Addington[14]
8 H. B. Brabazon[15] 40 S [Ranol?][16]
9 A Morrison[17] 41 Dr Quain[18]
10 Gueneau de Mussy[19] 42 F Piercy[20]
x  11 H. V. Tebbs[21] 43 Baron F de Rothschild[22]
12 G Morland[23] 44 Dr Sibson[24]
13 H. W. Sotheby[25] 45 A S Kannard[26] [sic]
14 B. B. Woodward[27] 46 J D Rochfort[28]
15 W. Mitchell[29]  
x  16 W. B. Scott[30]  
17 W. Atkinson[31]  
18 A. Barker[32] 'Voted for[33] Whistler
x  19 L Huth[34] Tebbs           }
20 H. Vaughan[35] Scott. W. R   }
21 A J. Lewis[36] Huth - L        }
22 G Archdale[37] Whistler -      } 7
23 J Henderson[38] Rossetti W.   }
24 W Smith[39]       -      D    }
25 G Smith[40] Lutyens -      }'
26 O Jones[41]  
27 J. B Atkinson[42]  
28 Sir E Elton[43]  
29 G. W. Currie[44]  
x  30 J. A. Whistler  
x  31 D. G Rossetti[45]  
x  32 W M Rossetti[46]  
33 J James[47]  


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1.  Burlington Fine Arts Club
The Burlington Club was a club for artists and connoisseurs, founded in c. June 1866. Its committee included Louis Huth (1821-1905), collector [more], Vittorio Emanuelle Taparelli (1816-1890), Marquis D'Azeglio, Sardinian Ambassador and collector [more] (President) and Ralph Nicholson Wornum (1812-1877), history painter [more] (Secretary).

2.  C Flower
Cyril Flower (1843-1907), barrister, Liberal MP, 1st Baron Battersea [more].

3.  H Robinson
H. Robinson, member of Burlington Fine Arts Club.

4.  F. S Haden
Francis Seymour Haden (1818-1910), surgeon and etcher, JW's brother-in-law [more].

5.  R Fisher
Richard Fisher (d. 1890), Fellow and Curator of the Society of Painter-Etchers [more].

6.  R N Wornum
Ralph Nicholson Wornum (1812-1877), history painter [more].

7.  Wm Maskell
Rev. William Maskell (ca 1814 - d.1890), mediaevalist and antiquary [more].

8.  A Hamilton
Archibald Hamilton, member of the Burlington Fine Arts Club from 1867 .

9.  H. B. Brabazon
Hercules Brabazon Brabazon (1821-1906), painter [more].

10.  A Morrison
Alfred Morrison (1821-1897), collector of prints, paintings and applied arts [more].

11.  Gueneau de Mussy
Henri-François Guéneau de Mussy (1814-1892), doctor [more].

12.  H. V. Tebbs
Henry Virtue Tebbs (b. ca 1846), solicitor, proctor and notary [more].

13.  G Morland
George Henry Morland, member of the Burlington Fine Arts Club [more].

14.  H. W. Sotheby
Hans William Sotheby (b. ca 1827), barrister [more].

15.  B. B. Woodward
Bernard Bolingbroke Woodward (1816-1869), Librarian in Ordinary to the Queen at Windsor Castle, founder and editor of the Fine Arts Quarterly Review [more].

16.  W. Mitchell
William Mitchell (1820-1908), collector [more].

17.  W. B. Scott
William Bell Scott (1811-1890), history painter and graver, and poet [more].

18.  W. Atkinson
William Atkinson, a member of the Burlington Fine Arts Club.

19.  A. Barker
Alexander Barker (b. ca 1797 - d.1873), collector and member of the Burlington Fine Arts Club [more].

20.  L Huth
Louis Huth (1821-1905), collector [more].

21.  H. Vaughan
Henry Vaughan (1809-1899), art collector [more].

22.  A J. Lewis
Arthur James Lewis (1824-1901), painter and illustrator [more].

23.  G Archdale
George Archdale (b. ca 1818), a member of the Burlington Fine Arts Club [more].

24.  J Henderson
John Henderson (1797-1878), artist, archaeologist and art collector [more].

25.  W Smith
William Smith (1808-1876), printseller, agent of the British Museum [more].

26.  G Smith
George Smith, member of Burlington Fine Arts Club.

27.  O Jones
Possibly Owen Jones (1809-1874), designer and architect [more].

28.  J. B Atkinson
Joseph Beavington Atkinson (1822-1886), critic and writer [more].

29.  Sir E Elton
Sir Edward Marwood Elton (1801-1884), lawyer [more].

30.  G. W. Currie
[insert biog ent]

31.  D. G Rossetti
Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882), artist and poet [more].

32.  W M Rossetti
William Michael Rossetti (1829-1919), civil servant and critic [more].

33.  J James
Rev. James James (1800-1879), poet.

34.  M D Wyatt
Sir Matthew Digby Wyatt (1820-1877), architect [more].

35.  Dr Hamilton
Dr Edward Hamilton (1815 or 1816-1903), doctor of medicine and print collector [more].

36.  Capt Chas Lutyens
Captain Charles Augustus Henry Lutyens (1829-1915), animal painter [more].

37.  Sir Hy Thompson
Sir Henry Thompson (1820-1894), surgeon, astronomer, artist and collector [more].

38.  G Salting
George Salting (1835-1909), collector of prints and porcelain [more].

39.  S. Addington
Samuel Addington (ca 1807 - d.1886), collector of prints, porcelain and watercolours [more].

40.  S Ranol
S. Ranol, member of Burlington Fine Arts Club.

41.  Dr Quain
Sir Richard Quain (1816-1898), MD, physician [more]. [poss. Sir Richard Quain MD, physician (1816-1898)]

42.  F Piercy
Frederick Piercy (b. ca 1830), portrait painter [more].

43.  Baron F de Rothschild
Baron Ferdinand James Rothschild (1839-1898), collector [more].

44.  Dr Sibson
Dr Francis Sibson (1814-1875), FRS, FRCP, consulting physician to St Mary's Hospital [more].

45.  A S Kannard
Adam Steinmetz Kennard (1833-1915), banker [more].

46.  J D Rochford
John Dounes Rochfort (1823-1885), barrister [more].

47.  'Voted for ... Lutyens'
Written in another hand.