The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler
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System Number: 12326
Date: 27 February 1891
Author: Glasgow Town Council, Sub-committee on Galleries and Museums[1]
Place: Glasgow
Recipient: [none]
Repository: Glasgow Museums, Glasgow
Call Number: K.A.G. No. 671
Document Type: TDc

(K.A.G. No. 671.)
No. 5
At Glasgow, the 27th February, 1891. 141-142
At a Meeting of the Sub-Committee on Galleries and City Industrial Museum.
[Written in right hand margin:] SUB-COMMITTEE ON GALLERIES AND MUSEUM.
Present - Councillor CRAWFORD (Chair), River Bailie PETTIGREW, Councillors BELL, BILSLAND, BURT, MURDOCH, AND MACPHERSON.

The Sub-Committee received a deputation consisting of Mr. James Watt[2], C. A.; Mr. Tullis[3], Ex-Deacon-Convenor; and Messrs. Joseph Henderson[4], James Guthrie[5], and E. A. Walton[6], representing artists and others interested in the fine arts, who presented the following memorial: -

Whistler's[7] portrait of Carlyle Deputation representing artist and others received.
Memorial presented.

"Glasgow Art Club,

"January 19th, 1891.

"To Councillor Crawford,
Convenor Sub-Committee on Galleries of Art, Corporation Halls, and City Industrial Museum.

"Dear Sir,

"We, the undersigned artists[8] of Glasgow, being deeply interested in the scheme of the purchase of pictures on behalf of the Corporation of this City, beg to place before your committee for consideration the following suggestion, viz., the desirability of purchasing for the town the celebrated portrait of Thomas Carlyle[9] by James McNeill Whistler, regarded by Carlyle as being the most successful portrait of himself. Not only is the subject of this picture one that appeals strongly to all Scotchmen, but the masterly execution, the dignity, and the simplicity rank it amongst the noblest works of art of our time.

"We are, &c.,

"E. A. Walton, Joseph Henderson, James Guthrie, A. K. Brown, Pittendrigh Macgillivray, Duncan Mackellar, George Henry, Wellwood Rattray, James Paterson, E. A. Hornel, Alexander/ (p. 2) Alexander Frew, H. Maxwell, Harrington Mann, P. Macgregor Wilson, Grosvenor Thomas, T. Corsan Morton, James A. Aitken, Eban. T. Hoeck, Harry Spence, John Keppie, David Thomson, I. A., Jas. R. Middleton, Tom Robertson, Kellock Brown, George Pirie, Wm. Dalglish, Walter McAdam, A. Brownlie Docherty, John Lawson, Robert Brydall, John Miller, Wm. MacBride, Andrew Myles, J. Lavery, Alexander Skirving, Tom MacEwan, Andrew Black, Alexander MacBride, Wm. Young, John Henderson, J. Morris Henderson, Wm. Grimmond, James G. Laing, Archibald Kay, William Leiper, F. R. I. B. A., Fra H. Newbery, James J. F. X. King, F. E. S., James M. Dunlop, John Alsop, James A. Dron, William Findlay, David M. Cammond, R. Macaulay Stevenson, David Fulton, Crawford Shaw, William Kennedy, John Jas, Burnet, John A. Campbell, J. Reid Murray, Jno. D. Taylor, Andrew Richmond, Crawford Shaw, James Law.

We, the undersigned[10], willingly concur in the foregoing memorial to be presented by the artists of Glasgow to the Corporation of their city -

"W. Q. Orchardson, J. E. Millais, Alfred Gilbert, David Murray, William McTaggart, Robert Alexander, J. Lawton Wingate.

"We the undersigned lay members of the Glasgow Art Club[11], concur in the foregoing memorial :-

"Robert Walker, Acting Secretary Institute of the Fine Arts; Thos. Gentles, R. Sorley, J. Simpson Cumming, Robert Philips, James Muir, William Smith, H. R. S. W., Robert J. Bennett, Neil Macphail, James G. Locherbie, Patrick S. Dunn, Hon. Secretary Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts; Jas G. Johnston, W. T. Hoeck, Chas. Carlton, Jas. A. D. MacBean, Thos. Davidson, jun., Thomas Reid, Robert Gourlay, Andrew J. Kirkpatrick, Chairman of Council of Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts; Robert Frame, John A. Galbraith, Maxwell Hedderwick/ (p. 3) Maxwell Hedderwick, James T. Tullis, Robert Wylie, John K. Tullis".

The deputation having been heard in support of the memorial, were assured that it, and the representations made by them, would receive careful consideration. The deputation having withdrawn, the sub-committee unanimously resolved, in pursuance of the powers contained in the sub-committee's minutes of 18th April 1890, and approved of by the Town Council, to remit to the Chairman and Councillor Bell, with power to purchase the portrait referred to in the memorial at a price not exceeding one thousand guineas.

Remit[12] to purchase portrait referred to in memorial.

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Typed in right margin alongside above paragraph.

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Typed in right margin alongside above paragraph.