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System Number: 11292
Date: [7/14 August 1902][1]
Author: JW
Place: [The Hague]
Recipient: William Heinemann[2]
Place: [London]
Repository: Library of Congress
Call Number: Manuscript Division, Pennell-Whistler Collection, PWC 11/997-8
Document Type: TLc

The papers - most excellent - huge package safely arrived - Might still send half a dozen Westminsters[3] (Aug. 6.) the best of evening quotations -

Unless you have heard direct from your Cousins[4], you do not know [how] charming they have been to us in all ways! - and the real kind pleasure they take in helping us -

Of course also there have been calls and much attention - Israels - Storm v - s'Gravesande [5] - and Mr Leveson-Gower, and his son of the English Embassy - What relation are they to the Leveson-Gowers[6] we meet with in London? Write and tell me that I may know. No calls have yet been returned - Also I shall of course not do much visiting, wishing to keep very quiet -

The West Point article[7] well enough - but absolutely without the finer sense of tradition - A curious reference to me - and I thought scarcely well intentioned or respectful - However no evil may be meant - It would seem so crazily gratuitous!

I dont think I would direct much attention to this article anyhow, either by quotation or comment of any kind - Wait until by and bye -

Do you know anything of this Anglo-American Club "The Pilgrims[8]"? Should not think very likely to succeed - or last -

Financier[9]: I have never heard anything more about the "Kensington"[10]; or some things he took for me? Did he send on scrip [sic] or shares to Drummonds[11]?

What about my Monotypes[12]? Are they paying dividends? - Do we [p. 2] hold on? Will it ever be a great stroke of business to sell out?

I hope you understood my wire this afternoon - I wanted you to send round to Shoolbreds[13] for one bottle of a special blend of old Scotch Whisky - They give it no name - it has no label on the bottle - but is very soft and mild and cost 3/11.

Write at once - long and amusing - who have you seen and what they say - Are you going to Contréxeville[14] - and when? Of course I shall be [here] for some time yet.


[butterfly signature]

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1.  [7/14 August 1902]
Dated from the reference to the Westminster Gazette (see below).

2.  William Heinemann
William Heinemann (1863-1920), publisher [more].

3.  Westminsters
Westminster Gazette, 6 August 1902. On 3 August, JW wrote to the Morning Post from The Hague to contradict the tone of a report on his recent serious illness. The Post immediately published his letter (Whistler, James McNeill, 'Latest Bulletin From Mr. Whistler,' The Morning Post, 6 August 1902; #09458). It was published in several other papers including the Westminster Gazette.

4.  Cousins
Not identified.

5.  Israels - Storm v - s'Gravesande
Jozef Israëls (1824-1911), painter and printmaker [more], and Carel Nicolaas Storm van 's Gravesande (1841-1924), printmaker and painter [more], both old friends of JW; see Heijbroek, J. F. and Margaret F. MacDonald, Whistler and Holland, Zwolle and Amsterdam, 1997.

6.  Leveson-Gowers
Arthur Francis Gresham Leveson Gower (ca 1851 - d. 1922), diplomat and antiquary. He was appointed Secretary to the British Legation at the Hague on 19 December 1899.

7.  West Point article
Possibly Life at West Point; the making of the American army officer: his studies, discipline, and amusements, by H. Irving Hancock (New York, 1902) or West Point in the early sixties; with incidents of the war, by Joseph Pearson Farley (New York, 1902). Both books were owned by JW and may have been published to commemorate the centenary of the U. S. Military Academy at West Point (1802-1902). JW had attended the Academy briefly, but failed to graduate.

8.  The Pilgrims
The President of the Club was Earl Roberts. The club gave a luncheon in October at the Carlton Hotel (see Times, London, 16 October 1902, p. 7).

9.  Financier
Edmund Heinemann (b. ca 1866), stockbroker [more], had been buying company shares on JW's behalf.

10.  'Kensington'
Possibly shares in the Kensington Electric Company, which was doing reasonably well (see the Times, 20 August 1902, p. 11).

11.  Drummonds
Drummond and Co., JW's bankers.

12.  Monotypes
Possibly the Lanston Monotype Company. JW had invested shares in a new printing process. See also JW to Heinemann, [17 August 1902], #08552.

13.  Shoolbreds
James Shoolbred and Co., a large London chain of general retailers and wine and spirit merchants.

14.  Contréxeville
Spa town in the Vosges mountains of the French region of Alsace.