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Document associated with: Bernier, L.
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System Number: 01070
Date: 11 October 1884
Author: JW
Place: London
Recipient: Luigi Fabbrucci[1]
Place: London
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler F1
Document Type: D[2]

Memorandum of agreement made this 11th day of October 1884 Between Luigi Fabbrucci of Florence Villa 13 Waterford Rd Walham Green hereinafter called the Landlord of the one part & Jas McNeill Wistler [sic] of 13 Tite Street Chelsea hereinafter called the Tenant of the other part.

1. It is agreed between the parties as follows The Landlord agrees to let the studio now erected at 454A Fulham Studios Fulham Rd[3] & known as No. 1 & 2. for the term of one year from the 25th day of December 1884 next at the yearly Rent of £70. payable quarterly and the Tenant agrees to take the same when complete and ready.

2. The Landlord agrees to complete the studio at once that is to say to plaster all the walls - to cover the earth over the whole surface under the flooring with inches deep of best cement - to put a wood flooring with a space of inches over said cement - to match board the roof and make same perfectly waterproof - to put three [p. 2] large moveable skylights with proper pullies to open & shut same to put small WC - to make a small room above - to provide all necessary woodwork & walls to paint the shutters to windows etc to make Lavatory - to put two good stoves with proper pipes to same - to supply the tenant daily with water - to put a coal Cupboard to make all complete & fit for use within a period of two months from this date.

3. The Tenant agrees to advance money £17. 10. 0 to the Landlord on his I. O. U. immediately on the signing of this agreement to enable him to complete such studio and £17. 10. 0 on entering the studio & it is agreed that whatever amount is so advanced the same be considered as rent paid in advance & a receipt to be handed from the Landlord as such.

4[.] The Tenant to have the power to determine the tenancy by giving to the Landlord in writing three months notice before the expiration of the [p. 3] term hereby granted to that effect - and to have the power to continue the tenancy if he so think fit for a further period of one or two years at the same rent.

5. The Landlord agrees to pay all existing & future rates taxes & outgoings whatever & to hold the Tenant free from all responsibility on account of same.

6. The Tenant agrees to keep the said studio in good repair fair wear & tear & damage by fire & tempest excepted.

7[.] The tenant agrees not to make any structural alteration or change in the sd [said] studio without the written consent of the Landlord first had and obtained nor allow the studio to be occupied for any purpose that may be found a nuisance to adjoining neighbours but solely to use the same for the purpose of artistic study - that he will not underlet assign or part with the possession of the sd studio without the written consent of [p. 4] the sd Landlord but such consent shall not be unreasonably withheld from a respectable a[nd] responsible tenant nor shall any fine or prenium [sic] be demanded for such license.

8. The Landlord agrees to make perfect the means used for the carrying the rain water off the roof - & to keep them same in perfect order at all time - & to trap the pipes used for that purpose on the outside of the said studio to the satisfaction of the Tenant.

The said parties have hereunto set their hands the day and year first written.

James. McNeill. Whistler

L. Fabbrucci


L. Bernier[4]

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1.  Luigi Fabbrucci
Aristide Luigi Fabbrucci (b. ca 1859), sculptor, JW's landlord at 454 Fulham Road [more].

2.  D
Written in black ink on violet coloured paper. The document is probably written in the hand of a clerk. JW's signature appears to be in a different hand altogether. It is possible that the document is a copy of an original signed by JW.

3.  454A Fulham Studios Fulham Rd
JW moved into the studios some two months after the date of this lease agreement.

4.  L. Bernier
L. Bernier, possibly a clerk or servant, witness to JW's lease at the Fulham Road studio.