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System Number: 10552
Date: [19/26 March 1894][1]
Author: JW
Place: Paris
Recipient: Jules M. Stewart[2]
Place: Antwerp
Repository: Private collection
Document Type: ALS

110. Rue de Bac. Paris

My dear Stewart -

Monsieur G Caroly[3], Secretaire General de l'Exposition, ..etc. has been good enough from the beginning, to interest himself specially in these pictures of mine - and in the early part of March sent me word that he was in communication, or rather in full possession "de tous[4] les renseignements necessaraires pour faire venir ses tableaux à Anvers" -

Now if you will see him - he will tell you all about it - Are you having [p. 2] a good time in Antwerp? - I should like to run over - and indeed perhaps we may turn up -

Meanwhile let me introduce you to my friend Maitre Maeterlinck[5] - the distinguished Advocate - He was most courteous to me on the occasion of my former visit, when as I told you he most brilliantly fought, in the law courts, my battle with the criminal Ford - whom he had condemned to be burned at the stake -

I am sure he would be delighted to make your acquaintance and to show you every attention during your stay - I enclose my card - Dont put off taking it round to him - Also he can give you all details about my pictures, for it was through him that the original invitation from the Belgium Authorities was sent to me -

Now you have The Rosa Corder[6] - and the Valparaiso, from Mr Graham Robertson[7] - and the Little White Girl from Mr Studd[8] -

Well at the exhibition in Hamburg[9] are two more pictures that are to come - You have only to wire to

Professor Heilbut[10]. 38. Esplanade. Hamburg.

and they will be sent to you at once. Only I would first go and see Monsieur Caroly as he is in communication with Heilbut and will tell you all [p. 3] about it - et où en sont[11] les choses -

With these five you will have quite enough - & if there was in the list another "Nocturne in Blue & Silver", we dont want it - and indeed we can't have it - so you may just have it erased from Catalogue - The panel moreover will be better without it - You might hang the panel like this:

[sketch of pictures[12], numbered 1 to 5 beneath, hung on gallery wall with largest upright figure piece in centre]

1. Nocturne Black & Gold: The Fire Wheel - (Hamburg.)
2. Valparaiso.
3. Rosa Corder.
4. The Little White Girl.
5. Nocturne Blue & Silver, Battersea Reach. (Hamburg) ? [send]

Write us a line -
Very sincerely

JMcN Whistler

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1.  [19/26 March 1894]
This dates from after W. G. Robertson agreed to lend his paintings; see JW's letter of thanks, [18 March 1894], #09406.

2.  Stewart
Probably Jules M. Stewart, possibly a member of an American art club, involved in organising an exhibition in Antwerp.

3.  Caroly
Baron Georges Caroly (1862-1935), collector, Secretary to the Exposition Universelle in Antwerp in 1894 [more].

4.  de tous ... à [Anvers]
This is an excerpt from Caroly's letter of 6 March 1894, #00190.

5.  Maitre Maeterlinck
Maître Albert Maeterlinck, attorney in Antwerp [more].

6.  Rosa Corder
The paintings JW wants to exhibit at the Exposition Universelle des Beaux-Arts, Antwerp, 1894, range from early works like Symphony in White, No. 2: The Little White Girl (YMSM 52) and Crepuscule in Flesh Colour and Green: Valparaiso (YMSM 73), to two nocturnes, Nocturne: Blue and Silver - Battersea Reach (YMSM 152) and Nocturne: Black and Gold - The Fire Wheel (YMSM 169), and a fine portrait, Arrangement in Brown and Black: Portrait of Miss Rosa Corder (YMSM 203).

7.  Graham Robertson
Walford Graham Robertson (1867-1948), painter, designer and collector [more].

8.  Mr Studd
Arthur ('Peter') Haythorne Studd (1863-1919), painter and collector [more].

9.  Hamburg
Grossen Kunst-Austellung des Kunst-Vereins, Kunsthalle, Hamburg, 1894.

10.  Professor Heilbut
Emil Heilbut (1861-1921), painter [more].

11.  où en sont ...
Fr., and the current state of affairs.

12.  sketch of pictures
Paintings for exhibition in Antwerp (M.1427). showing Nocturne: Black and Gold - The Fire Wheel (YMSM 169), Crepuscule in Flesh Colour and Green: Valparaiso (YMSM 73), Arrangement in Brown and Black: Portrait of Miss Rosa Corder (YMSM 203), Symphony in White, No. 2: The Little White Girl (YMSM 52) and Nocturne: Blue and Silver - Battersea Reach (YMSM 152)