The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler

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Frederick Jameson, 1839-1916

Nationality: English
Date of Birth: 1839.02.15
Place of Birth: Lambeth, London
Date of Death: 1916.03.26
Place of Death: Ticehurst


Frederick Jameson was an architect and musician. He was the son of Mary Ann Jameson, née Gurney, and William Kingsbury Jameson, merchant. Jameson's wife Ellen was present at his death at Saxonbury Lodge, Frant, Ticehurst in 1916.


JW knew both Jameson and his wife. In 1868/69 JW stayed at his rooms at 62 Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury. There, in Jameson's studio during February and March 1868 JW painted Milly Jones, possibly for Symphony in White, No. 3 (YMSM 61). It was perhaps during this period that Jameson acquired Crepuscule in Opal: Trouville (YMSM 67) from JW.

In January 1892 JW requested that he might borrow the picture in order to reframe it in one of his new frames, declaring 'They are very beautiful - and your picture will gain five times in stateliness'.

Jameson was an accomplished musician and in later years translated the libretti of Richard Wagner. Alice Comyns Carr, wife of the art critic Joseph Comyns Carr, also remembered how Jameson used to often hold theatricals at his rooms in Great Russell Street which he shared with her brother. He was a member of The Arts Club from 1865 to 1895.


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