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George Whiting Flagg, 1816-1897

Nationality: American
Date of Birth: 1816.06.26
Place of Birth: New Haven, CT
Date of Death: 1897
Place of Death:


George Whiting Flagg was a historical, genre and portrait painter. He was the son of Henry Collins Flagg, who was at one time Mayor of New Haven. His brother, Jared Bradley Flagg, was a priest and portrait painter. A relation, Rev. Edward Octavius Flagg was the husband of Eliza McNeill, JW's cousin, whom Anna McNeill Whistler described as E. O. Flagg's 'angel wife' and 'our own lamented Eliza' [#06468].


Flagg studied art with his uncle Washington Allston. Under the patronage of Luman Read of New York, he studied for three years in Europe. He then lived in London for six years. In 1861 he was lodging at 74 Newman St. Following this, he returned to New Haven, and subsequently moved to New York City.

Flagg's works include Landing of the Pilgrims, Washington Receiving his Mother's Blessing, Columbus and the Egg (1867), and The Scarlet Letter, which was painted in London. The Art Journal described his Columbus as: "generally low in tone, but rich and harmonious in color, and the heads are distinguished by much nobility of character." In 1851 he was elected a member of the National Academy of Design.

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