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Documents associated with: 105th Exhibition of the Royal Academy of Arts, Royal Academy, London, 1873
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System Number: 09354
Date: [April 1873/June 1874][1]
Author: JW
Place: London
Recipient: Arthur Frederick Payne[2]
Place: [London]
Repository: Tate Gallery Archives
Call Number: TGA 8022/57
Document Type: ALS[3]

2 Lindsey Houses, Chelsea

Dear Payne -

You see I have not forgotten my promise - The bearer, my man Fox[4] brings you one of my palettes - and will explain to you how I dispose of all my colours upon it -

He only asks 35 shillings as I told you - and I am sure you will agree with me that it is jolly cheap - he is not well off though - so you must pay him at once - and by the way he is wonder[ful]l[y] fully clever and can do almost anything - so if you want anything [lodged?] in your studio at any time do employ Fox -

I hope you have forgiven my meddling with your picture[5] the other day - and that it has not suffered in consequence - By this time I daresay you know, (for my secret has got into the papers) that I do not send to the Academy but have an [exhi]bition[6] of my own - When my pictures are ready, I will let you know -

Sincerely Yours

[butterfly signature]

J. McN Whistler

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1.  [April 1873/June 1874]
Dated by reference to the opening of the Royal Academy, and to JW's one-man exhibition, which opened in June 1874.

2.  Arthur Frederick Payne
Arthur Frederick Payne (b. 1835 or 1836), etcher and painter [more]. Payne exhibited Alice in Wonderland at the 105th Exhibition of the Royal Academy of Arts, Royal Academy, London, 1873 (cat. no. 138). Payne owned the palette said to have been used by JW, which is now in the Tate Gallery, London. The table palette in use at JW's Fulham Road studio in 1886 was depicted by J. P. Jacomb-Hood (Pennell, Elizabeth Robins, and Joseph Pennell, The Whistler Journal, Philadelphia, 1921, repr. f. pp. 122, 124).

3.  ALS
Transcribed from an original damaged letter with reference to a complete letter copy (TGA 8022/16) made by an earlier transcriber.

4.  Fox
Frederick Fox, frame-maker and decorator [more].

5.  picture

6.  exhibition
Mr Whistler's Exhibition, Flemish Gallery, Pall Mall, London, 1874.