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System Number: 09071
Date: 14 October 1901
Author: JW
Place: London
Recipient: Max Lehrs[1]
Place: [Dresden]
Repository: Staatliche Kunstammlungen, Dresden
Call Number: Kupf.-Kab.4 Bd 6
Document Type: ALS


Oct. 14. 1901.

[stamped:] [EING. D 18. / 10.?] 1901
[gn nr 3. 1. 7?] H. H. R.

Dear Sir -

I beg to acknowledge your most kind & courteous letter - of the 9th inst.[2] - and I hasten at once to rectify an unfortunate mistake! -

Curiously enough, it was only yesterday, in looking over the Catalogue[3] at Mr. Sauter's[4], that [p. 2] I discovered this error! -

It was during my absence that the Agent, in Paris, collected, by my order, the etchings for the Dresden Exhibition. - The lithograph, in your list, should have been removed from among them - as if belongs to Mr. William Heinemann[5], and was lent by him at my request, for the Universal Exhibition in 1900[6]. -

May I beg that you will kindly have this returned at once, to Mr. Heinemann, at this address, 6. Norfolk Street, Park Lane - London - and allow me to replace it by another lithograph, or an etching - as you prefer. -

I need not say how greatly I regret the trouble this must give you - While I take this occasion to tell you how deeply I feel the honour of having work of mine in your most famous and rare Collection!

And [p. 3] And I have the honour to be
Dear Sir
Your obedient Servant

J. McNeill Whistler.

Prof. Dr. Lehrs
Director of the Royal Print Room -

P. S. Of course I shall hold over the £50. until I hear from you further -

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1.  Max Lehrs
Professor Dr Max Lehrs (1855-1938), Director of the Print Room, Dresden [more].

2.  letter - of the 9th inst.

3.  Catalogue
[Exhibition], Dresden, 1901.

4.  Mr. Sauter's
George Sauter (1866-1937), painter [more].

5.  Mr. William Heinemann
William Heinemann (1863-1920), publisher [more]. JW was staying with him.

6.  Universal Exhibition in 1900
Universal Exhibition, Paris, 1900.