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Documents associated with: 2nd Exhibition, Pictures, Drawings, Prints and Sculptures, International Society of Sculptors, Painters and Gravers, London, 1899
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System Number: 13927
Date: 28 July 1899
Author: JW
Place: Dieppe
Recipient: Christine Anderson[1]
Place: [London]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: Whistler MS [number to be assigned]
Document Type: ALS[2]

Pavillon Madeleine.
Pourville - sur - Mer.
pres Dieppe.

July 28. 1899

Mrs Anderson

I regret exceedingly that again you should have mismanaged your business appointment - (with Mr. Gutekunst[3] this time -

This will go to confirm a rumour, rife I am told among dealers & the others, to the effect that it is useless to attempt matters with the Butterfly Co[4] - as the Secretary is continually absent! - doubtless this is an exaggeration!

[p. 2] You are, I fear, unlucky in your absences -

I told you of two occasions, reported to me direct when the same business man called, at an interval of a week, and each time between 11. & 12 o'clock, to find no one in attendance - and the other day I myself called before 5 in the afternoon, to find the door closed -

Now clearly your moment of lunch is either an unusual one, or prolonged beyond the business habits for Mr Gutekunst called according to the customs of business people - and was doubtless impressed by the unbusinesslike manners of the place -

For my part I cannot see why "your woman" who as you say brings you your letters, might not at this time of the year, also bring you your lunch -

However these are matters that possibly you will kindly make clearer by & bye - meanwhile if not your fault it remains the Company's misfortune.

I wish you to write to Mr E. G. Kennedy[5] - Garlants Hotel, and say that the Company having heard, through Mr Whistler, of his being in town, you are directed to say [p. 3] that you would be pleased to show him what drawings paintings &c, beside the lithographs the Company has at this moment -   Mr Kennedy represents, & indeed is, Messrs Wunderlich of New York - So I trust you will be in if he call -    (Your dealings with Gutekunst are of course, like all dealings, the affair of the Company's communications and not my instructions).

Please write by tomorrows post to say if you have received the pictures, paintings, etchings etc from International[6]? -

Yours truly

J McN Whistler

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1.  Christine Anderson
Mrs Christine Anderson, manager of the 'Company of the Butterfly' [more].

2.  ALS
The paper has a mourning border. The letter was sold at auction in an unidentified sale in Germany (lot 278) and was acquired by Gustave Meyer of Colnaghi's; it was given to the University of Glasgow by his daughter in 2006.

3.  Gutekunst
Otto Gutekunst (b. ca 1865 - after 1939), art dealer [more].

4.  Butterfly Co
The Company established to sell JW's works, which was closed down after a brief and unsuccessful business life. See also #00793.

5.  Kennedy
Edward Guthrie Kennedy (1849-1932), dealer with H. Wunderlich and Co., New York [more].

6.  International
JW took great care over the selection and hanging of his own panel of pictures at the 2nd Exhibition, Pictures, Drawings, Prints and Sculptures, International Society of Sculptors, Painters and Gravers, London, 1899. A sketch, Plan of a panel of pictures for the ISSPG (M.1582), shows the hanging scheme of Purple and Gold: Phryne the Superb! - Builder of Temples (YMSM 490) and Nocturne: Grey and Gold - Chelsea Snow (YMSM 174), which were not shown, and Blue and Silver: Trouville (YMSM 66), Rose and Brown: La Cigale (YMSM 495), Rose and Gold: The Little Lady Sophie of Soho (YMSM 504), which were. Violet and Rose: Carmen qui rit (YMSM 506) was also hung.