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John Randolph Tucker, 1812-1883

Nationality: Peruvian?
Date of Birth: 1812.01.31
Place of Birth: Alexandria, VA
Date of Death: 1883.06.12
Place of Death: Petersburg, VA


John Randolph Tucker was a naval officer and commander.


From about 1855 Tucker commanded the receiving ship Pennsylvania. He also served as Ordnance Officer at the Norfolk Navy Yard. During the American Civil War he was a Commander in the Confederate Navy, serving on the CSS Patrick Henry during 1861-62. In 1863 he was commander of the Confederate warships at Charleston, VA. He also fought at Richmond and Appomattox. After the Confederates were defeated, Tucker became a Rear Admiral in the Peruvian Navy and fought in the Chilean-Peruvian war with Spain in 1866.


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