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Russell Sturgis, 1836-1909

Nationality: American
Date of Birth: 1836
Place of Birth: Baltimore, MD
Date of Death: 1909
Place of Death:


Russell Sturgis was an architect, critic and writer on art.


During his early career, Sturgis designed the Yale University chapel and several other buildings at Yale but teaching and public life gradually took over from architecture after 1880 and he is best remembered as a writer on art and architecture. He taught art at several institutions: the Peabody Institute, Baltimore, Columbia University and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the Art Institute of Chicago He was also president of the Architectural League of New York (1889-1893) and the Fine Arts Federation (1895-1897). His publications include European Architecture (1896), The Appreciation of Sculpture (1904), and A Study of the Artists Way of Working in the Various Handicrafts and Arts of Design (1905) and a book of his Chicago lectures, The Interdependence of the Arts of Design (1905). He may have known JW in the mid-seventies, when his name appears in an address book (#12714).


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