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Louis Sterne, 1835-??

Nationality: American
Date of Birth: 1835.05.15
Place of Birth: Philadelphia, PA
Date of Death:
Place of Death:


Louis Sterne was an inventor and railroad engineer.


Sterne was invited to the Criterion dinner in honour of JW in May 1889. As a young man he worked on the first rail-road between Richmond, Virginia and Houston,Texas which was completed in 1855. He came to London in 1865 where he was engaged by the Great Western Railway to superintend the laying of the first trans-atlantic cable. From 1866-1910 he submitted a long list of patents for his inventions, many of the earlier ones relating to railways. He seems to have known JW since the early 1880s, perhaps through the Whitehall Club of which both men were members. Towards the end of his life he published an autobiography Seventy Years of an Active Life, London, 1912.


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