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William Sherbrooke Popham, 1793-1885

Nationality: American
Date of Birth: 1793
Place of Birth: Scarsdale, NY
Date of Death: 1885
Place of Death: Scarsdale, NY


His father, Major Popham, was on the staff of General Washington in the Revolutionary war and was married to Miss Morris (with whom he had eloped), in the presence of Washington and his fellow officers. He was married twice, to the sisters Elizabeth Carmer Hill and Jane O'Neill Hill of Scarsdale.


His father succeeded Washington as the President of the Society of the Cincinnati, and he himself was the Vice-President of the same society for many years until the time of his death. He was a veteran of the war of 1812. W. S. Popham went into the coal business in New York in 1832, being the first to establish an office of this kind. He was an active member of the Protestant Episcopal Church of St. James the Less in Scarsdale. Both his wives were the sisters of Margaret Getfield Hill, long-life friend of AMW.


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