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Edmond Picard, 1836-1924

Nationality: Belgian
Date of Birth: 1836
Place of Birth:
Date of Death: 1924
Place of Death:


Edmond Picard was a Belgian jurist and author. He was also a sailor and explorer.


He wrote two novels that explore the similarities between the law and art and seven plays.

He was a successful lawyer, President of the Belgian bar association and member of the Supreme Court. He was a Socialist and a virulent anti-Semite.

He founded L'Art Moderne in 1866, was a supporter of the concept of 'Art for Art's sake' and of the literary movement La Jeune Belgique founded by Max Waller in 1880. He may have met JW through Octave Maus; and was a supporter of Les XX, with whom JW exhibited in the 1880s. He set up the Libre Académie Picard in 1901.


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