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David Maulden Perine, 1796-1882

Nationality: American
Date of Birth: 1796.08.08
Place of Birth: Baltimore, MD
Date of Death: 1882
Place of Death:


David Maulden Perine was the son of Maulden and Hephzibah Perine. He married Mary Glenn, daughter of Judge Elias Glenn, and had eight children: Ann Carson (1819-1919); Susan Buchanan (1820-1899); Mary Glenn (1822-1896); William Buchanan (1823-1863); Rebecca Young (1825-1879); David Maulden, Jr (1827-1847); Elias Glenn (1829-1922); Thomas Harwood (1830-1861).


Perine was the Registrar of Wills in Baltimore City and county from 1811 to 1851. He was the owner of the Homeland estate north of Baltimore, which property was in his family from 1799, when his widowed mother married William Buchanan (he had purchased the estate). Perine built two mansions (the first one burned down), some thirty farm buildings and tenant quarters, which stood on the land until 1924. AMW was the godmother of his son Thomas Harwood Perine.


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