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John Edward MacNay, 1834-1893

Nationality: English
Date of Birth: 1834
Place of Birth: Shildon, Durham
Date of Death: 1893
Place of Death: Newcastle


John Edward MacNay was the elder brother of Thomas Fothergill MacNay. He and his wife Salina (b. ca 1846) had a daughter, Maud (b. ca 1872).


MacNay assisted his father Thomas MacNay senior who was the Secretary and General Manager of the Stockton & Darlington Railway from 1849 to 1869. In 1885, he became Treasurer to The North Eastern Railway which had by that time absorbed Stockton & Darlington line. MacNay was a life long friend of the solicitor and collector Frank Mewburn, who was a friend and client of Beatrix and Edward William Godwin in the mid 1870s. McNay knew JW and Charles Augustus Howell and became disenchanted with Howell (#03738).


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