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Harrington Mann, 1864-1937

Nationality: Scottish
Date of Birth: 1864
Place of Birth: Glasgow
Date of Death: 1937.03.28
Place of Death: New York


His wife was Mary Newton Mann (see #03988 and #03987).


The Glasgow born painter, Harrington Mann, studied art at Glasgow School of Art, at the Slade School of Art in London under Legros, as well as in Paris and in Rome.

He was a member of 'The Glasgow Boys' in the 1880s. Mann was among the many Scottish artists who signed the petition to Glasgow City Council advocating the purchase of Arrangement in Grey and Black, No. 2: Portrait of Thomas Carlyle (YMSM 137) in 1891 (see #12326).

In his interior wall decoration and designs for stained glass he showed an outstanding sense of colour and design. He began designing for J. and W. Guthrie in the 1890s. The firm, now called Guthrie and Wells, continues to operate in Glasgow. For example they executed several windows by Mann for Trinity Church, Claremont Street, Glasgow in 1893, including A Kneeling Angel (Stained Glass Museum Catalogue, Inv. No. 1978/3/1, Presented by the Scottish National Orchestra).

Mann was noted for his landscape and figure paintings, and ended his career in London as a successful painter of fashionable society portraits, particularly portraits of children and several members of the royal family. He later became well known as a portrait painter in the USA and had a studio in New York.


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