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George McCulloch, 1848-1907

Nationality: British
Date of Birth: 1848
Place of Birth:
Date of Death: 1907
Place of Death:


George McCulloch was a collector. His widow married J. Coutts-Michie in 1909.


McCulloch made his fortune in Australia. He was manager of a sheep station in New South Wales where lead - silver and zinc was discovered. His collection included van Haanen and Woods (Venice paintings). MacCulloch owned Nocturne in Blue and Gold: Valparaiso Bay (YMSM 76) in the 1890s and Self-Portrait (YMSM 78), or Arrangement in Grey: Portrait of the Painter (YMSM 122), which JW indignantly refused to sign in 1895, explaining that the butterfly was his recognized signature. A photograph reproduced in Maas shows McCulloch, his wife and their collection at Queen's Gate London.


Information from family descendants; Maas, Jeremy, The Victorian Art World in Photographs, London, 1984, p. 175.