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Henry Jeckyll, 1838-1917

Nationality: English
Date of Birth: 1838
Place of Birth: Wymondham, Norfolk
Date of Death: 1917
Place of Death:


Henry Jeckyll, the brother of the architect Thomas Jeckyll, was a Dudley brass founder. Their father, George Jeckell, was a non-conformist clerk who had taken holy orders. Their mother was Maria Ann Balduck. Henry married Annette Cotton, a doctor's daughter from Lynn Regis (King's Lynn) in Edinburgh in 1871.


Henry Jeckyll was ecorded as an architect in London in 1868 and in Dudley in 1871 , and as an iron and brass founder and fender maker in Dudley in 1881. As a brass founder Henry worked for Robbins and Company, Dudley. Soros and Arbuthnott attribute designs for a brass flower vase of 1882 and for an umbrella stand of 1881 to him.

In the 1870s Henry's brother Thomas designed a number of decorative schemes for patrons such as Alexander Ionides at 1 Holland Park and Frederick R. Leyland at 49 Princes Gate. It was he who designed the original interior of Leyland's diningroom that was subsequently reworked by JW into Harmony in Blue and Gold: The Peacock Room (YMSM 178).

In 1877 JW was in contact with Henry Jeckyll concerning his brother who became seriously ill in this year. Henry felt his brother to have been mistreated by JW with regard to his Peacock Room, but JW assured him that he was a sincere and devoted admirer of his brother's work [#02407]. He promised to place a statement to this effect in the Builder. This did not materialised but JW had published an article in the previous year in the Academy, vol. 10 (9 September 1876), p. 275, in which he gave Thomas Jeckyll credit for the 'graceful proportions and lovely lines' of the shelving [#00431, #13692].


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