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Anna Brownell Jameson, 1794-1860

Nationality: British
Date of Birth: 1794
Place of Birth:
Date of Death: 1860
Place of Death:


Anna Brownell Jameson, née Murphy, was an English writer on art, religion and women, but was of Irish birth. Her father Denis Murphy (d. 1842) was a painter of miniatures. In 1825 Jameson married Robert Jameson, a barrister. Her unmarried sisters depended on her for financial support.


Jameson was a popular writer on contemporary, classical and Renaissance art. In particular she contributed to writings on religious iconography, and, influenced by the work of the German art historian Carl Friedrich von Rumohr and the French art historian Alexis-François Rio, she helped to give added weight and importance to the works of the early Renaissance artists who had been disparagingly termed the 'Primitives' by critics.

In 1849 Whistler was given a copy of Jameson's Memoirs of the Early Italian Painters (1845). This helped inspire him to become an artist.


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