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Robert R. Hemphill, ca 1840-??

Nationality: American
Date of Birth: 1840 ca
Place of Birth: Abbeville, South Carolina
Date of Death:
Place of Death:


Robert R. Hemphill was a sergeant in the Confederate Army during the American civil war. He married Eugenia C. Hemphill (b. ca 1848) and had five daughters.


Hemphill was sergeant major in William McNeill Whistler's unit, Orr's Rifles, McGowan's Brigade, Wilcox's Division, Hill's Corps, under General Robert E. Lee in the Confederate Army. He described himself as 'well acquainted' with W. Whistler, whom he 'admired' and 'respected' (#02119). He was wounded at Chancellorsville and at Gettysburg on 3 July 1863 and surrendered at Appomatox. He wrote accounts of the war from Spottsylvania on, in the Confederate Veteran and was later co-editor of The Abbeville Medium, for which he wrote 'A Memorial Sketch' of W. Whistler in 1900.


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