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Graham Ellis, ??-??

Nationality: English
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Graham Ellis may have been a journalist.


Ellis may have written for the St James's Gazette. He was possibly the Graham Ellis listed in the 1881 census as age 30, annuitant, born in Ashford, Middlesex, living at The Elms, Twickenham, with wife Eliza J. Ellis, age 34, who was born in Ilford. This particular Graham Ellis was the son in law of Eliza George, the head of the household, annuitant, age 50, who was born in Barking.

In 1890 Ellis came to the notice of JW when he wrote in the St James' Gazette an account of JW's scuffle with George Moore in the foyer of the Drury Lane Theatre, having felt earlier accounts in the Hawk and St James' Gazette to be inaccurate. JW thanked him for his 'simple statement so - clearly and unhestitantly made', which he felt was 'courageous' (#01053).


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