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George Demaine, ca 1856-??

Nationality: English
Date of Birth: 1856 ca
Place of Birth: Eshton, Yorkshire
Date of Death:
Place of Death:


George Demaine was an artist and certified art master. He was the son of a Yorkshire farmer and Sarah A. Demaine. In 1881 he was unmarried.


In 1881 Demaine was living at 9 Burnaby Street in the home of his widowed mother. He was active in exhibiting around 1888, showed his work at the New English Art Club, where in 1888 JW also exhibited an early oil, A White Note (YMSM 44), and recent etching of Brussels.

Demaine lived close to JW in Chelsea, at 4 Burnaby Street. He was amongst those potential invitees to a dinner organised by W. C. Symons to congratulate JW on becoming an Honorary Member of the Royal Academy of Munich, a dinner which was to be held at the Criterion in Piccadilly on 1 May 1889 (#00631).


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