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James Davis, 1853-1907

Nationality: British
Date of Birth: 1853
Place of Birth:
Date of Death: 1907.04.09
Place of Death:


James Davis was a dramatic author and journalist.


Davis, who was the editor and proprietor of The Bat, published under the pseudonym 'Owen Hall'. He also wrote for The Geisha. His works included An artist's model; a comedy with music, and The geisha, a story of a tea house; a Japanese musical play, with music by Sidney Jones and lyrics by Harry Greenbank, London, [1895?] and 1896,

In 1886 JW described himself as knowing Davis 'slightly', as having spoken to him and shaken his hand. However, he called Davis 'a malignant coward' if it was he who was resonsible for the article in The Bat on the death of E. W. Godwin (#00256, #00259).


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