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Walter Coggeshall, ca 1851-??

Nationality: American
Date of Birth: 1851 ca
Place of Birth:
Date of Death:
Place of Death:


Coggeshall was a mutual friend of the gambler and collector Richard A. Canfield and JW, around 1901. He showed JW photographs of Canfield's collection (see Canfield's letter to JW, 20 July 1901, #00524, and JW's reply, #00525).


Of the several possibilities for identifying 'Coggeshall' the most likely is the painter, engraver and photographer, John Ingersoll Coggeshall (1857-1912), who had settled in 1877 in JW's birthplace, Lowell, MA, and who painted seascapes along the Massachusetts coast.

Other possibilities include Walter Durfee Coggeshall (b. ca 1851), a civil engineer living in Kensington at the time of the 1901 census; and Chandler Hall Coggeshall (1843-1926), founder of the State Agricultural School, Rhode Island. The former could have known JW in London, the latter could have known Canfield in Rhode Island; however, John Ingersoll Coggeshall, as an artist with connections with Lowell and Massachusetts, and a photographer who could well have photographed Canfield's colelction, seems the best candidate. The only problem is that there is no other record of him visiting London in 1900/1901.


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