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William Holmes Bartlett, 1804-1893

Nationality: American
Date of Birth: 1804
Place of Birth: Lancaster, PA
Date of Death: 1893
Place of Death: Yonkers, NY


He was the son of William Bartlett and Elizabeth Holmes. He married Harriet Whitehorne and had eight children: William Chambers; Elizabeth Whitehorne; Harriett; Charles Gradiot, Neva; Samuel; Edward Courtney; Frederick Eugene.


He attended the USMA, West Point, NY where he became assistant professor of mathematics, and a full professor of natural and experimental philosophy in 1836. He received honorary degrees from Princeton and Geneva college. He was the author of many publications including Acoustics and Optics (1852-59); Analytical Mathematics (1853-59); and Spherical Astronomy (1855-58), and a series of books for West Point. AMW was close friends with his wife.


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