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Albert de Balleroy, 1828-1873

Nationality: French
Date of Birth: 1828.08.15
Place of Birth: Lonrat, Orne
Date of Death: 1873
Place of Death:


Albert, Comte de Balleroy, was a painter, printmaker and collector.


Balleroy was a close friend of Henri Fantin-Latour and it was through him that Fantin-Latour was commissioned to paint the children of the Duke de Fitz-James, Balleroy being a cousin of the Duke's. He appears in Fantin-Latour's Hommage à Delacroix (1864, Musée d'Orsay, Paris) alongside Charles Baudelaire, Edouard Manet, Edmond Duranty, Jules Fleury Champfleury, Louis Cordier, JW and Fantin-Latour himself. According to Fantin-Latour, who visited the Salon des Refusés in 1863 in his company, Balleroy greatly admired Symphony in White, No. I: The White Girl (YMSM 38) [#01081]. Balleroy, Manet, Baudelaire and Felix Bracquemond were members of the Société nationale des beaux-arts that in 1864 organised a Delacroix retrospective exhibition at Martinet's gallery in Paris.


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